Rockaway Ol`times

Hotel Arverne was quite a relaxation destination for the wealthy and hard working class. The hotel was located on Beach 69th Street between Rockaway Beach Boulevard and the beach. From left to right in this photo: the two steeples are the top of Hotel Arverne, The Italian Floral Garden, The American Floral Garden, the casino and the attached Bath Houses. Inside the hotel was a full-size restaurant, a gym and an Olympic-sized pool.

This postcard was written to delight a friend that lived in an area named Mountain View, located in the Adirondacks of upstate, N.Y. The charming characteristics about this postcard is, on the back, printed in big bold letters is, “This side for address only.” So, Louise wrote her greeting all over the front of the postcard. Secondly, Louise is asking Elsa to send her some ‘postals’ from Malone for her postcard collection. Malone, NY is located close to the border of the United States and Canada, 206 miles north of Albany. It’s possible that both ladies could have been frequent travelers.

It would have been a ‘treat’ to see both Louise’s and Elsa’s postcard collection. I am sure my dear friend, James Supple (Rock-a-Brew Master) would be flabbergasted as well!


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