Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • Killer whales are able to learn to speak Dolphin. When killer whales were socialized with bottlenose dolphins at a water facility, they changed the types of sounds they made to resemble those of their social partners.
  • After complaints about baggage wait times, Houston airport moved the baggage claim farther away. The walk took longer than the wait and the complaints dropped to nearly zero.
  • Disney almost created a theme park for villains called "The Dark Kingdom."
  • A man once tried to sue Pepsi because he found a mouse in his can of Mountain Dew. Pepsi defended the case by proving that Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse in a few months.
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the '90s child actor also simply known as JTT, walked away from fame at the height of his career to study philosophy at Harvard.
  • Henry Shrapnel in 1784 invented a hollow cannon ball that would be filled with shot and gun powder and exploded over the enemies.
  • Water is used in rice fields to prevent weeds. Rice doesn't actually need that much water, but since it can thrive in such conditions, whereas weeds cannot, it's a natural protection against them.
  • In 2014 only seven humans were killed by sharks while over 63,000,000 sharks were killed by humans.
  • We use "lbs" as shorthand for pounds in English because of the latin phrase "libra poundo", which is also where we derived "pounds" from.
  • IBM had to delete 'Urban Dictionary' Data from The Watson Super Computer System because the machine started cursing.


                These facts from Sean McVeigh, the famous factolgist.