Speaking words of gratitude will bring you happiness and your world will become a bit brighter. You will begin to see things in a different way and your burden will lighten. We are here in gratitude for the blessing of life. Looking around we see love in all things.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of all the good things we have in this world. Start by greeting each day with a breath of fresh awareness. When you awaken, find the time to say a simple thank you for this day. Begin by caring deeply and let that carry you through your day. There may be mistakes and misunderstandings, but we will grow from our experiences.

Prioritize your health, the health of others and our Mother Earth. Share your ideas and learnings with one another. Begin

I was recently on a work trip in a vacation spot and observed how so many people were taking selfies and photos, not really “having” experiences, being there to enjoy the surroundings and each other. One morning at breakfast I observed the following. There were two tables, each occupied by a couple, one had their phones on the table, the other did not.  The couple without the phones out were relaxing, looking out at the scenery, talking here and there. The other couple said a few words but were

In order to be inspired, we have to feel things deeply. Get into the layers of our inner selves, deeper than the superficial stuff provided by our living day to day. Focusing on what is right in front of us, taking it all in and feeling stimulated by it. It is not a thinking experience; it is much more a feeling experience that kind of just happens. And when it does, there is that brief glimpse of awareness, recognition and knowing. 

Getting to that space is just a matter of being open to it

When we were kids, built in to our week was a day of downtime: Sunday, for everyone in the family. It is just the way it was and I think it served as a rejuvenation day, a break from routines, no chores, space to just be. Even though my mom made elaborate Sunday afternoon dinners, she enjoyed it so much that it was her downtime too—at least that is my perception of it. 

Now, there is no such thing. Given the extreme outside technological and other stimulation we have, I think people would walk

Often you will hear people talk about light and how it helps to heal and brighten our days. The last few winter months in New York have been somewhat dreary and dark outside. Perhaps you have been stuck in the house mending your interior. Or are you someone who really gets down due to the inclement weather? If so, know that you are among a large group of depressed people living in darkness.

Yes, the light is beginning to shine and you will soon feel so happy and enlightened, but what happens

Recently, I had an injury that came on very quickly and left just as quickly. Within that short time, I learned so much about compassion, empathy, rest, adjusting my mindset. I was praying for relief so I could walk without a limp and practice yoga. I began to appreciate the little things, such as being able to tie my shoes and put on my pants. I also began to realize how many people I know who have difficulty with these small tasks. You think you know how someone feels but you really don’t

As we move forward into spring, we begin to peel off the layers of clothes, shoes, excess weight needed for the cold winter months (at least that’s my excuse for adding some extra weight on my body) and the winter boots. We love seeing the flip-flops and slip-on shoes outside the studio doors. It warms our hearts to feel the sunshine come in the windows and to lower the heat. There is nothing like the fresh air off the water. Ahh, breathing in I feel light, breathing out I am light.


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