Following up to my colleague, business partner and friend, Helen’s heartfelt column last week, “Goodbye Summer,” I am taking this opportunity to welcome the new beginnings of the coming season and welcoming, rather than resisting that change. Summer has always been my favorite time of year and I would reluctantly and sadly move into September, but as I got older, I focused more on my inner landscape rather than my outward environment. This focus coming about through the practice of yoga.

About three years ago, Helen and I were fortunate and grateful to have been guided by a member of the Board of the Belle Harbor Yacht Club—now one of our yoga practitioners!—to give a presentation at a monthly meeting to rent the space on the third floor

Labor Day Weekend did not disappoint with the beautiful beach weather, clean water, great people and a school of dolphins. The entire summer was extraordinary in so many ways. My intention was to be present and enjoy my family and friends.

September is finally here and it can be the most beautiful month in the Rockaways with necessary quiet time. It can always be stressful and cause anxiety for many people going through changes such as jobs, school, relocating, etc. Do your best to welcome

Self-care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and others. Refilling your container so that you are able to give back and support those who are in need of your help. We cannot be happy and content if we don’t nurture the body, mind and soul. How do you take care of yourself in this busy world? As summer begins to wind down, do you have any goals or plans for the upcoming year? Often it can start with a simple plan to eat healthy and exercise more. Or maybe there is

The following is from a very dear friend who is extraordinary in so many ways and I am inspired by her strong spirit and faith. These are her words and she wishes to remain anonymous.

“Someone once said to me, ‘everyone knows you are disabled except you’. I do not know how to be disabled. For one thing, I wasn’t born this way.

“In fact, I was a very active woman who had a full life with two beautiful children and a loving husband. I ate healthy, went to church and had a wonderful life. Then

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you probably heard the word “Prana” mentioned.  “Prana” is a Sanskrit word which means “life force vital energy.” The concept is not only rooted in the yogic tradition; it is prevalent in Egyptian and Chinese traditions as well, “Aka” and “Qi” respectively. Prana comes into the body through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and from absorbing the energies of the earth and the sun. It travels to the cells through thousands of energetic

We can, most times, change things for the better that are maybe dragging down our energy and zest for living. Why does it sometimes take a big blow to plan for a change?  We take what is put on our plates and do it day after day without really thinking about it.  We don’t think about whether or not it is right for us and if there are any other possibilities. 

What do we really “have” to do?  We really “have” to take care of ourselves—when we are happy, healthy and whole, we can take care of

“Can you learn to surf the chaos and uncertainty that real life includes without falling into a trance of unworthiness? You can. A surfer is powerless to change the towering wave rushing toward her. But she doesn’t want to change it. She wants to surf it and she learns to feel safe in the immense ocean of being even when she falls. She confidently gets right back up to meet the next wave.”  Zen in the Age of Anxiety: Wisdom for Navigating our Modern Lives, Tim Burkett.

The surfer wants to

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