“Breathing mindfully, you simply enjoy your in-breath and out-breath. You bring the mind home to the body, and you realize that you are alive, still alive, and this is a wonder. To be alive is the greatest of all miracles.”  - Thich Nhat Hanh

If you can take three minutes before you rise from your night’s sleep to experience and enjoy a morning breath practice, it will help to set the day. Maybe sitting on the edge of the bed before all else. Or once you rise as you sit with your coffee or tea. Just make it the first thing before all of the demands fall upon you - before your morning begins. However you can, take the three minutes; here is what I suggest.

Close your eyes. Focus on your body rising and falling with your natural breath

Lately, we have been experiencing an elevated collective anguish. Life has many difficulties and sometimes it seems impossible to move through so much suffering. As I struggle to write, I know many are also fighting to survive so I will do my best to give you some tools to support you on your journey. Never give up, we live in a strong, supportive community. Sangha means community and I have never been in a more loyal village than Rockaway Beach. The people here will give anything to their

I have never been so grateful to pause in community, to hold space with one another and open to the wisdom and insight that comes when we sit quietly. My mantra this week—may you feel loved, may you feel blessed. Difficult for so many to quell the tears and sadness in the wake of such violence. So, we breathe together, we send loving kindness to ourselves and all beings everywhere. We look to contribute in any way or form that will help ease the overwhelming pain in our world. Action must be

After a few very difficult weeks learning to navigate slowly and with a new awareness, I smiled to myself and knew this is often the journey for so many of us. Two steps forward, one step back. Being able to use whatever happens in your life and make it workable is actually the path itself.

We can choose to use everything that happens to us as the means for waking up. I came across the following quote by Pema Chodron that resonated strongly with me; “ To stay with the shakiness- to stay with a

“. . . If you smile through your fear and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow, you’ll see the sun come shining through for you. . .” - “Smile” song

What if our lips when they’re at ease were turned up ever so slightly in a gentle smile rather than straight across? All the time. We would look at each other and see subtle smiling faces. I took Thich Nhat Hanh’s advice a while ago and turn the corners of my lips up when I first “sit” on my mat. I added this “smile practice” to my daily routine. The

Our yoga studies teach us about the “chakras” or energy centers that spiral their way up the spine and emanate rays of light - colors of the rainbow.  (Like the colors on the wall from the sun going through a clear prism.) Each one has a different meaning, issue associated with it, affirmation, etc. The qualities of our thoughts directly affect how the chakras function, affecting our physical, mental and emotional health.               

Repeating positive affirmations associated with the

When we decide and feel that we want certain people in our lives and we realize that our family members are our family members, at some point we have to come to peace with certain things.  Some things will not change.  Some behaviors will not change.  Some core things about people will never change - has to do with our natures, what we have learned along the way and the experiences we have had - both pleasurable and traumatic. 

Most of what we fret about in the big scheme of things is rather

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