Our yoga studies teach us about the “chakras” or energy centers that are aligned vertically along the spine and emanate rays of light - colors of the rainbow. (Like the colors on the wall from the sun going through a clear prism.) Each one has a different meaning, issue associated with it, affirmation, etc. The qualities of our thoughts directly affect how the chakras function, affecting our physical, mental and emotional health.

Repeating positive affirmations associated with the “chakras”

The sun in summer - intense, irradiant, long in the day – brings to mind its intense energy without which there would be no life here. Our bodies need energy in order to function, which we obtain through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.  The “vital life force” (or “prana”) is the energy that sustains all life. Sometimes the demanding parts of our lives often zap our energy and we find ourselves out of fuel with still more to do.  Or we go through some traumatic event

 Dear Editor:

For the last couple of weeks, I have read in this paper that bike riders on the boardwalk are going way too fast and are a danger to non-bicyclists. I wholeheartedly agree. That some bicyclists are travelling way to fast. That there is danger of serious injury if they hit someone and the Parks Department or the police should do something before someone gets hurt.

But I have to ask, why isn’t the Parks Department or the police doing something about all the people walking in

If you are going to live, live with intention.

Live each day with purpose. Open your eyes and choose to be productive, choose to make a difference, choose to care for the people and the world around you. Live intentionally. Say things that you mean; say things that matter. Pursue what you want relentlessly and be unafraid to chase your dreams. Give to others. Love others. Bless others. Live every single day with purpose and passion in mind.

The following poem by Mary Oliver is by far a

Ahimsa is a very important part of our yoga practice. It means to do no harm. Non-violence in your actions and words. Most of us have been taught from a very young age not to engage in violence. To be kind and respect one another. Do onto others as you would do to yourself. I can hear the words out of my mom’s mouth as I write this column. Always treat people with kindness. You do not know their problems and you can never really walk in someone’s shoes. 

My prayer is for peace in the world as

As we continue this very different journey, maybe we’re beginning to settle into it and finding ways of coping using different tools that have presented themselves. Finding encouragement in solidarity that we are all in this together—no one is different or exempt.  Some people have been hit so hard with sickness and loss, and our hearts go to them. We put our hopes forward that everyone will be able to meet the needs of their families. We witness people helping people, and are touched by it. We

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