Chances are nowadays, you may be feeling out of whack. We are not in our comfort zones even if we are safe and healthy. Too much uncertainty.

I would like to share some learnings from the kind and compassionate Buddhist nun, Pema Chödrön which could give us some help to living right now and maintaining equilibrium. First one is a practice she calls “compassionate abiding.” 

I guided this in yoga class this morning and got great feedback. This practice uses the medium of the breath. We bring forth many breath practices in this column, because breathing in different ways really supports our health in body, mind and heart. It goes like this: sit and check in with yourself— what is the negative feeling that is there, whether it be right up

Finding the inspiration to write this column doesn’t always come so easy to me. In fact, if it doesn’t come to me naturally, it is impossible for me to create the column. Since we live by the ocean, I often find my inspiration from nature and the amazing world we live in. Finding the beauty in any moment and place is something that always inspires me. The ability to do this can really save us and brings us out of darkness in these very difficult times. Today I am grateful for the sun, waves and

Life is not easy. That being said, why do we struggle when we are thrown a curve ball? Do we expect too much or are we resistant to the difficulties that comes with life itself?  Maybe you are one of the few people who live in a rose garden with no sorrows or sufferings. If so, you are above and beyond blessed. Perhaps you could shed some light on how you removed the obstacles in your way. 

In this life, there will always be struggles. It is impossible to be human and perfect. There is no such

Each day brings a forth a new thought, subject, theme in our lives. Waking up can be blissful and at other times rather difficult depending on your current situation. Yesterday, I wanted to write all about gratitude and how it promotes a feeling of joy and happiness.  Waking up every day to simply saying thank you. It’s a nice way to start the day. But then I opened my book of poems on this day to “Honoring Grief” by Pixie Lighthorse. I have never been able to read this in class because it is

I have been thinking about the power of intention lately and just by chance I picked up a deck of inspirational cards and the card I picked was the author relaying something he read about the effect of group meditation on crime. After some googling, I found it.  

“Washington meditation project reverses violent crime trend by 23.3%.”  ( In the summer of 1993, during an almost two-month period, through the power of group meditation, there was a remarkable effect on the city. They

Everything is uncertain. We hear everyone saying “during these uncertain times . . . “.  When you think about it, everything is always uncertain even if we think the light will always go on when we flip the switch, or someone will call, or a check will come when expected. The level of uncertainty right now, however, seems to be unprecedented. If we could only be sure one way or another, we could deal with it. With this heightened uncertainty comes anxiety which takes form in one way or another

The other morning a hummingbird came near. I was sitting outside at a table in the center of which is a plant with clusters of yellow and white flowers. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of something coming near, then in full view and going toward the flower, a hummingbird blur. It came and went quickly.

In the afternoon, I was sitting in the same place and less than about 15 inches away from my face to the yellow and white flowers came the hummingbird again with its soft green

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