What we are taught about love is that it’s “out there somewhere.” Well, what if it’s not? I’m not saying that love doesn’t exist. I am suggesting that it doesn’t exist in the way that most of us think it does. Imagine if the very thing you are searching for, resides deep inside of you, a “state of being” that you could access if you only knew how. Imagine if love wasn’t something you had to go find by meeting the perfect someone, or getting married, or having a relationship, boy, that would really change everything now, wouldn’t it? Well, you’re in luck as far as I’m concerned, because I don’t believe we can “find” love, I believe that we can only “be” love.

Many of us have had the wonderful feeling of “falling in love” with someone. We

During the winter months, it is important to think about helping someone in need. I think about people who don’t have proper heat and have to get to work using multiple forms of public transportation, no matter what the weather. I just want to suggest that if the need presents itself, to try to find a way to lend a helping hand. I am inspired by the many individuals and organizations in our community who thoughtfully give aid in many different forms.

An article in last week’s RT highlighted a

The other day I was in a local place and read the sign: “Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening, live each day like it’s your last.” I have read that many times, but on this day, I began to think what would I do if I knew that at midnight, that would be it. Would I go about that day in my normal way? Would I call everyone I know to talk? Would I visit close family and friends? Would I tell anyone? Would I get in the car and take a drive to a beautiful country place? It is

For years and years, I suffered in the winter. I suffered from the lack of light and the cold - my mood was low and I struggled to be ok. I didn’t have the mind strength to think ahead and I didn’t know what to do. My friends would tell me to buy the “sun-stimulating light” and sit in front of it for periods during the day when I could. 

My “light” came when I accepted the seasons - not liking - but accepting. And when I used my mind to serve me rather than letting it dictate my experience

Some days are easier to wake up to than other days. Recently, I took my yearly trip down to Rincon, Puerto Rico and I must tell you, it is really easy to wake up on a warm, beautiful tropical island surrounded by water. Everyone is so laid back and easy going.

The tranquil environment allows you to be stress-free without a care in the world. Dwelling in the present moment comes without difficulty. Counting your blessings is organic. Most certainly makes you think twice about living on a

Learning to respect and work with injuries is a journey that we take when our bodies or minds do not cooperate and tell us something is not working properly. It means we must slow down and learn to adjust the way we do things. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do what you want to do, it just means you must compromise and make changes to your routine.  Learning from our limitations and being able to modify allow us to go with the flow of life and all its curve balls. Our limitations humble

Love life and all that it has to offer. When you begin to awaken from your sleep, silently say thank you God for another day. Try your best to fill it with good intentions and positive thoughts. Some days are better than others, but remain confident that each day is a precious gift. My dearest neighbor Joan Morrs always has the greatest mantras. Speaking to her one evening, she said, “You can either choose to exist or live.” In spite of having much loss her in life, she chooses to live. Joan is

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