Listened to a guided meditation the other day and one line stood out: “You are a lighthouse.” Love the image. We can all be the ones to provide guidance and warnings to others, just like the lighthouse serves to warn and guide ships. It seems timely to think of this image as we need to pass along information on cleanliness, keeping ourselves and others safe, not denying what is really going on. This is on the practical level, and on another level, we are beacons of light when we are pure in mind with no agenda, only to do what is best for ourselves and others. 

Coming from that space within and visualizing it as a beacon of light that connects all of us—one to another—is powerful. We are not alone. No one is an island. And if we are all

Dear fellow humans. Please believe in the intelligence of the body. Believe in it! You will get through this. Your body is strong enough to handle the invader.  Yes, this is really serious stuff, but do not dwell and obsess about it. Trust we will get through this and take the proper precautions to protect ourselves.

I believe in the power of positive thinking. Our immune systems is like positive thinking. We have the power to change the course of our destiny based on our thoughts. You are

Spring is in the air, more light, more sun with the hour ahead this weekend.  Time to think about “spring cleaning.”  When I was growing up, it was a thing in the house.  Windows washed, thorough cleaning of blinds, drapes cleaned/changed to lighter versions, carpets refreshed, and on and on.  It marked a turning point from winter to spring/summer in our family, home and my favorite seasons were almost here. 

In keeping with the coming of spring and a time of renewal, cultivation and

 The dusty car juddered to a stop after a five-hour drive from the capital city of Accra, Ghana, grinding over potholed roads which kicked up the reddish dust from the dry soil. The cracked windshield was caked in dirt and sand from the Harmattan winds that had been enveloping Ghana for a few weeks now, carrying sand from the Sahara Desert to the north, along with the dry, hot air. As the wipers streaked an opening, the large rectangular building came into focus and it was a wonderful

 Recognize and note the signs of overload. Feeling tired. Not knowing where you are for a second. Feeling drained. Feeling down. Overload is different from stress, yet needs attention just as much, because it could be the underlying cause of stress which we all know by now is detrimental to a good, happy life.

First thing to do is to note the cause, or causes, of overload. Often it’s a buildup: needs of work, family, friends, pets, organizations you belong to, etc. etc. Fill it in. Note it

The journey in life is sometimes long and often cut short for others. We all have a unique path and want to live a happy and healthy life but as we know, it doesn’t always work out that way.

We are blessed to be here in sickness or health. It is more difficult to feel gratitude when you are ill or have a loss in your life of a loved one. These are trying times and they test our faith. It is the caregivers that are our angels on earth. You have my sincere gratitude for being compassionate and

Two neighbors who live next door to each other have a problem. One has a herd of sheep, one a dog that he lets roam free. Sometimes the dog wanders to the sheep pen and kills one of the sheep. He asked his neighbor to leash the dog, neighbor refused. What should he do? Put up a fence?  Shoot the dog? The solution he found was this: he gave two lambs to his neighbor’s small children. For fear of his dog harming his children’s new pets they were caring for, he leashed his dog. The giver found a

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