Faith and love will guide you through difficult times. So often we experience suffering and loss in our life. Sadness can flow deep into our heart because we have loved and lost.  Especially during the holidays, those that have lost loved ones feel a terrible sadness. We try to console and help one another as best we can but, in the end, you must trust the process. Love and compassion will help to heal your broken heart. Trust and believe.

Without my faith, I would not be able to move on and continue to live life fully when times get tough. From a young age, it was instilled in me to believe in God. It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, but if you have your faith, you have the greatest gift you will ever receive. There will be

In the diversity that seems to be at the forefront these days, I find it important to speak about a common ground that could be unifying through the diversity. The phrase “common ground” resonated with me during a recent conversation with a yogini (a yogini is a term nowadays for a female who practices yoga). She was upset about the extremes of things and why people have to be so adamantly extreme. “Where is the common ground?” she asked. 

I often thought about a thread that binds us as human

During this time of year, we think about giving thanks. It is a great time to appreciate what we have in our lives: families, friends, pets, comforts, joys. Perhaps we make a toast at our Thanksgiving meal. It is a great reminder to put aside all that is not positive in our lives and to be grateful. 

Being grateful on a daily basis, 365 days a year, is a beneficial tool to cultivate contentment in our lives. There are actually scientific studies to back this up. If you are one to experiment

On Sunday, Music That Heals, an organization I am affiliated with, hosted a concert at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club.  The concert was to bring awareness in our community to the beneficial work that each and every musician in this program does to promote healing power to ill children and adults. There are countless stories that attest to the fact that music uplifts the spirit, the mood, the very essence of a person. The professional musicians in the program share their talents in sometimes

The holiday season can be detrimental to your health. So many parties, an abundance of food, drinks and desserts. How do we discipline ourselves to eat healthy and not overindulge? It starts with Thanksgiving and flows into December and January.  So many temptations with food we don’t normally eat. Not to mention the cocktails and sugary desserts.

So this holiday season I decided to do a 21-day challenge at CROM Fitness to help me focus on eating healthy and exercising. After Thanksgiving. I

Maria Irene Fornes was a famous Cuban born playwright. She passed away on October 30, 2018. I was unaware of who she was until someone mentioned, “The Rest I Make Up,” referring to a beautiful documentary about her wonderful life. She taught writers how to become unstuck when they experienced writer’s block. She encouraged people to be who they are and go with the flow of their lives, not to be afraid to make mistakes and have courage and believe in themselves. She never cared what the critics

A Course In Miracles speaks on the healing power of time. “Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time? Yet this is what time is for: to learn just that and nothing more.”

We are timeless beings and yet we are rushing around, checking off the to-do list constantly with little time to do nothing. It has been my experience in times of quiet, when you give yourself the opportunity to simply sit with yourself, you

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