Family is one thing. Friends are another. Knowing that there are people out there who are there for you and to whom you can complain about things and with whom you can just sit and be silent and who don’t judge, let you have your space and who accept you as you, is such a comfort. 

Take a minute and think about these special people in your life - you may not think they are there but think again. Even if it is someone not in your daily life and when you talk, the comfort is there. These encounters with good friends are the simple pleasures that help to keep our bodies, minds and hearts balanced. 

It is not at all about gifts for occasions and keeping up with the births, marriages and deaths, it is about comfort and ease getting through

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”

 Joyce Meyer

What a wonderful world we live in and yet we are surrounded by such negativity and darkness. How does one stay positive with such negative energy and suppression? Stress, sadness, trauma, loss of a loved one — can really bring a person down. It is not so easy to put on a happy face when, in fact, you are sad and lonely.

There are some easy ways to create a positive life. For one thing, stay more present. Yes, you have heard

We have much to be thankful for in our lives. If you were to count your blessings, your health and freedom could be your greatest gifts. Often I will toast to good health and think to myself, this is a serious toast that means a great deal to oneself. Only when you have a health issue, do you truly value the idea of waking up and stepping out of bed with ease. If you have your health, you are a rich person. Mind, body and spirit are intertwined. Without a peaceful mind, your body will feel

Giving your head some room to breathe can really help with figuring something out, understanding someone’s behavior and alleviating stress. We can sometimes get fixed on something, thinking, thinking, creating stress and not taking the time to separate and create some room for ideas to arise to solve problems or to get out of an obsessive situation.  People’s disagreeable words keep coming up in our minds; we keep on playing a scenario that was unsavory; we keep going back to something we

All at once the feeling changed on the peninsula. As it is every year. Yet always a pleasant surprise to me. And it’s all we all talk about. Settling in to the breeze, the sound of the waves on the shore, the neighbors and friends and visitors all out and greeting each other.  Everything slows down in the summer. I open to observe all the little things around me. My senses open and awaken to feel the breeze, smell the ocean, touch the sand, hear the open air. 

If there is any time during the

The sun in summer - intense, irradiant, long in the day – brings to mind its intense energy without which there would be no life here. Our bodies need energy in order to function, which we obtain through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. The “vital life force” (or “prana”) is the energy that sustains all life. Sometimes the demanding parts of our lives often zap our energy and we find ourselves out of fuel with still more to do.

I try to separate my work day with my

To be kind, compassionate and loyal is the description many would give to John Kelly. If you were lucky enough to meet John in your life, then you are blessed to have experienced an angel on earth who just got his wings to enter into heaven last week.

John had many lessons to teach to the young boys in Xavier, as well as others who met him. He was a great coach who taught the athletes to have integrity, strength, resilience and loyalty. Win or lose, you were encouraged by John to have good

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