How Would You Like to be Present?

Be Well Be Happy

Often, we are so busy thinking about our next thing to do on the to-do list that we miss being present with what we are doing right now. It can be the smallest task such as drying your dishes or chopping your vegetables. Are you multi-tasking and preparing the next thing to do in your mind? Can you just be where you are? Nothing more, nothing less.

Many years back, when I was younger, I would go to Brooklyn Sports Club, it was called Starrett City back then. I would first start out in the steam room, relaxing and enjoying the warm, wet heat and preparing my body and mind to work out. It is here that I found I could be in the moment with nothing to do but stay in the room. Then I would head to the pool for a workout to stretch and strengthen my body. From there, I would head up to the gym, do some core, weights, stairmaster and maybe even run on the treadmill. I would then run to yoga, yes race to get to the mat to learn how to slow down and be in the moment. It was the hardest part of my workout. The worst thing I did was to leave before savasana (the resting pose that seals in the whole yoga practice) because I had to go to work or pick up my children from school. OY! What was I thinking? I was fitting everything in and checking it off my to do list. Sounds crazy but I was young and not so aware of being in the moment.

As a yoga teacher, I must be present to my students in front of me. If I am present they will become present. As I walk around the room, I learn to help the person with alignment and just give them support by paying attention to them. Holding space and time for each student, I try to give them their quiet time and encourage them to stay in the room with their breath and focus. It’s a great practice for everyone and seems to help students become more focused on the NOW. Be here now. Such a great moment.

Being aware brings attention to our lives off the mat. We feel grateful for each moment and enjoy the fullness of our life. Breathing in, we become energized, breathing out, we release clutter from the mind and body. Blessed to be the witness. One day at a time.

The more I live, the more I love life and all that it has to offer. Our community is full of loving, kind people. I am very aware of this unique place I call home. Proud to be part of Rockaway Beach.  For today I will live in this morning, ride every wave, fall down and get back up.  Give yourself the gift of being present with yourself.

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