Be Well Be Happy

Stillness is something that does not always feel natural. Our minds and bodies are accustomed to having daily checklists so we can always be ahead of the game. More times than not, there is nothing we should be trying to get ahead of. Appreciating the extra time of quietness and calmness is so important around this time of year. It is the calm before the holiday craziness. Our bodies are trying to reconnect to our brains from daylight savings time. The act of noticing how you can be still is a beautiful way to feel at peace with yourself. Learn to find the stillness. Replace the need for checking off boxes on the to do list. This can be extremely hard if you are a productive person who thrives on always accomplishing things. But finding stillness will bring a breath of fresh air to your day.

Our minds search for stillness but are not permitted to be quiet. In fact, many people feel uncomfortable in silence. There is a special energy that circulates in a quiet environment. Children and adults need down time. No TV, no internet, no games. Our brains grow and are nurtured in silence, yet in society we are taught to socialize with constant chatter. There is awkwardness when conversation slows down. We need to support and honor our moments of quiet. Encourage stillness and do less. Spend time listening to one another using few words.

Feelings of gratitude are especially evident in this season. We are grateful for our community. There is no question that we live in a beautiful peaceful beach community. Thankful to have the healing properties of the water. It washes over our senses and cleanses the body, mind and spirit. Although, there is so much movement in the ocean, there is a sense of stillness and peace stretching from the east to the west, north to the south. The warm sun shines brightly amid the brilliant blue sky. We are blessed to live here in Rockaway Beach. It is our home and we welcome every one.

We feel more grounded and secure when we learn to live fully in our quiet moments. Lighting candles in the winter, perhaps sitting by a fireplace and enjoying the beauty of light from within. Maybe writing a column for The Rockaway Times to share your passion. Let us move into the next phase of life with confidence and joy. There is a sacred place for each and every one of us and you can find it in stillness. Stillness does not mean peace but it means to notice what arises when we are quiet. Teach us to enjoy the darkness and light the fire from within.

Let us celebrate life and all it has to offer. The noise, the silence, the solitude, the laughter, the crying. We are human beings having a life experience. What a joy it is to share this space with you. May you honor your silence and enjoy the quiet moments. 

“At the end of the exhale, breath surrender to quietude. For a moment you hang in the balance, suspended in the fertile spaciousness.  That is the source of breath. At the end of the inhale, filled with the song of the breath, there is a moment when you are simply holding the tender mystery. In these interludes, experience opens into exquisite vastness with no beginning and no end. Embrace this infinity without reservation. You are its vessel.” - The Yoga Sutras

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