Shedding the Layers

Be Well Be Happy

As we move forward into spring, we begin to peel off the layers of clothes, shoes, excess weight needed for the cold winter months (at least that’s my excuse for adding some extra weight on my body) and the winter boots. We love seeing the flip-flops and slip-on shoes outside the studio doors. It warms our hearts to feel the sunshine come in the windows and to lower the heat. There is nothing like the fresh air off the water. Ahh, breathing in I feel light, breathing out I am light.

Sometimes we acquire too much clothing in our closets. It happens slowly and surely. The holiday gifts, the special occasion outfits, the sales, etc. Cleaning out and letting go can be really hard especially if an item has a sentimental value. My rule of thumb is if I did not wear it in the last two years, it must go out the door to another home. Sometimes I fail at this because I put the shirt on that I am trying to give away and wear it for a few hours, deciding I am going to keep it for another year. Not the right thing to do because next year I will be giving it away.  There are so many people who could use the clothing in your drawers that you no longer need. How many t-shirts does a person need?

Shoes are a big problem. How many pairs of boots do you need? Shoe boots, rain boots, casual boots, fancy boots, low heel and high heel boots. It’s kind of crazy what we think we need. Then they get old and we still keep them in our closets because they are of great quality and it’s hard to give old shoes away. Leon, the shoemaker on Beach 116th Street, may take some of your boots you no longer need and refurbish them. Donate them to him if you can. He is a great guy who fixes all our shoes. I was trying to throw away my favorite boots but instead brought them to Leon to resole and they look brand new.

Shedding weight can be the easy part of spring cleaning. At least it can be with a little willpower and discipline. Eating healthy and exercising is the most important part of the equation. Choosing whole foods and eliminating processed foods is a great start. Lots of vegetables and NO SUGAR. Ok, that is a hard one, so become aware of how much sugar you put into your body and limit your intake.  Cut down or eliminate alcohol from your diet. Oh no, I just realized you may be reading this column on St. Patrick’s Day weekend and that could ruin your day!  Instead of two glasses of wine, try one. Obviously, the best-case scenario is not to drink alcohol but everyone makes their own choices, including myself.

Clean living can make all the difference in the longevity of your life. It not only helps your body feel great, it gives you a clear mind. Shedding the layers is a gift anyone can give themselves.

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