Be Well Be Happy

When we were kids, built in to our week was a day of downtime: Sunday, for everyone in the family. It is just the way it was and I think it served as a rejuvenation day, a break from routines, no chores, space to just be. Even though my mom made elaborate Sunday afternoon dinners, she enjoyed it so much that it was her downtime too—at least that is my perception of it. 

Now, there is no such thing. Given the extreme outside technological and other stimulation we have, I think people would walk around asking, “What should I do?” Life is busier, there’s more “stuff” to get, there are no boundaries around when anything could happen, like kids’ games and sales in the stores, and any kind of shopping. So there is no built-in day of rest. 

With that said, it is absolutely imperative to the health of an individual to rest, restore and rejuvenate. And take time to just be, do something out of the ordinary that is relaxing and fun. It is no wonder that our restorative yoga sessions at the studio are filled. We enter positions with lots of soft support of bolsters and blankets, propping up to relax into the heart space or the hips or the back body. People schedule that “downtime.”  In our lives, we need to schedule the time and the space to relax.

I find that when I put myself in that space, and it is usually on Sunday, my mind is free to think about things without any constraints. Ideas arise, thoughts abound and sometimes I work out something or find a solution. There is space and freedom. When you think about it, otherwise, we are just going, running, meeting expectations we set for ourselves, doing this and that. 

There may be circumstances at this time that prevent this—like having a newborn that needs attention, attention, attention, but there will come a time when there will be a way. Or some project deadline that requires all focus for a couple of months, or an elderly parent whose care is in your hands. There are ways, there are pockets of time we can take. If we are caught up in these whirlwinds (and that they are), our nervous systems will be unbalanced and we will feel unhealthy. If we are not happy and whole, we cannot be there for others. If we do not get caught up and feel with our hearts to give the signals to our minds that, one, this could be temporary, or two, I can take a little time around four o’clock (or whenever) to just be free, we can bring peace in. 

This is my experience and I am sharing it with you so that maybe you can feel more at ease in this life. I wish for everyone to be safe, healthy and peaceful; maybe a way to be there is to take some downtime, not just now and then, but to build it in to each and every week of the year.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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