Pain Had Benefits

Be Well Be Happy

Recently, I had an injury that came on very quickly and left just as quickly. Within that short time, I learned so much about compassion, empathy, rest, adjusting my mindset. I was praying for relief so I could walk without a limp and practice yoga. I began to appreciate the little things, such as being able to tie my shoes and put on my pants. I also began to realize how many people I know who have difficulty with these small tasks. You think you know how someone feels but you really don’t until you walk in their shoes. Life can be very hard for some of us when we are not feeling healthy. We think there is no way out, but there is a way.

Some of the things that helped during my downtime was to accept the pain and embrace the rest my body needed. Typically, I practice yoga every day but I was only able to teach the students without demonstration. This proved to be valuable because I became more present for the students in front of me. My teaching became more precise and I felt connected to each and every person in the room. My cues were spot on, knowing exactly what came next. If you know me, that is not always the case. My injury was becoming a valuable lesson to me, on and off my mat. Meditation was now my everyday practice and I loved being still with myself. It changed my yoga practice to be more kind and gentle with the students. Practice with ease. Teach with ease. The fact is I love to teach and this injury would not hold me back. When I am in the yoga studio there is a powerful healing energy that makes me feel alive and well.

The next part of this lesson was to visit someone very close and dear to me who can no longer walk. In fact, the excruciating pain I felt was in the exact same area for this person. I felt divine intervention and was summoned to visit one of the most resilient and strongest persons in my life. It was a sign to be compassionate and caring. Never forget where you come from and visit your loved ones often. It will mean the world to that person you are visiting. I am grateful to have had this painful experience that opened my eyes to the suffering of others. Compassion is an important tool in life. Kindness is also of utmost importance. My mother-in-law, Kathleen Kilgallen, would always say to me, “It costs nothing to be nice and if you don’t have anything kind to say then say nothing at all.” Words of wisdom.

My wish for all of you is to be healthy, happy, content and full of love for yourself and others. Help someone that could use a kind word of encouragement and support. Be the wind beneath their wings and lift their spirits with your positive energy. Expect nothing in return. Just do the work and be present for each person you meet. Take time to listen. We are responsible for our own happiness and sharing the joy. I am grateful for this day. Staying present more and more. Yes, living for today.

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