The Choice

Be Well Be Happy

Often you will hear people talk about light and how it helps to heal and brighten our days. The last few winter months in New York have been somewhat dreary and dark outside. Perhaps you have been stuck in the house mending your interior. Or are you someone who really gets down due to the inclement weather? If so, know that you are among a large group of depressed people living in darkness.

Yes, the light is beginning to shine and you will soon feel so happy and enlightened, but what happens when it rains again and darkness penetrates into your deepest cells? Do you retreat back into a dark, lonely place or do you learn to sit with this moment of sadness? Maybe you could learn to be with your pain but not dwell on your darkness.   There are so many that have immense pain in life due to a very serious illness. Send them your loving thoughts to heal, protect and guide them on their journey.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” First time I heard this, it was difficult for me to distinguish between pain and suffering. If we have pain, we have suffering, right? Do we really have a choice? We do not always have a choice in pain, but we can choose a path of acceptance. Whatever gives you pain, learn to be with it and then perhaps when you are ready, you could move on to a joyful pleasure or memory. Find your place of happiness, contentment and you will never want for anything more. Choose to be happy. It is most certainly a choice we have, no matter where we are and who we are with. 

If you are an upbeat person regardless of bad weather, pain, darkness, etc., then I would ask you to share your light with those who are in need of your radiance. It is a gift that keeps giving back. Send healing light to those who need it. The more you give, the more you will receive. You are blessed to be healthy and happy. Not everyone has this feeling of lightness so please send out your divine light like a laser beam. It will be felt from all corners of the world.

God only knows this world needs lots of healing and we are responsible for doing whatever we can to help. The choice to act is now. Without darkness, we would not have light. Feel the light from within your deepest cells. There is an abundance of light in the space within your heart. Be willing to share your light.

I leave you with this poem from Danna Faulds:

The Choice

"Is it faith or fear that rises to the fore, affirmation or negation at the very core and center of the self? Will it be light or dark within the heart today? The icy grip of fear that knots and sours leaving me to cower in the shadows?

There is another way—I know it surely as I know the scent of Spring, the choice of faith invites, invokes, calls forth from all creation both the blessing and the lesson of the day.

Whether faith or fear, the choice is mine alone. Each moment, choosing, stepping through the door, trusting that the path beyond will surely lead me home."

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