Be Well Be Happy

I was recently on a work trip in a vacation spot and observed how so many people were taking selfies and photos, not really “having” experiences, being there to enjoy the surroundings and each other. One morning at breakfast I observed the following. There were two tables, each occupied by a couple, one had their phones on the table, the other did not.  The couple without the phones out were relaxing, looking out at the scenery, talking here and there. The other couple said a few words but were compelled to pick up their phones and do something. Check or write. I thought that the couple without the phones were just being in their experience of having breakfast together, and the other was preoccupied while having breakfast together.

Imagine someone from a century ago looking on at people always engaged with a device. He/she would think it is crazy! Checking, taking photos, taking selfies, posting and on and on. And to be preoccupied rather than being there enjoying is counter-vacation!  My view is that it really takes away from why we vacation in the first place. 

“They” want us to be reliant on these devices and all of the media associated because it is big business bucks. I resist the power over me in my personal life. For work, it is a given, we are always connected and communicating. But I try to draw a line outside of work. And this to me has to do with how I experience experiences. 

We learn in yoga study to be present. Being present allows for experiences that could be fuller and more meaningful. You won’t miss the first butterfly sighting of the season if you are looking up and around, absorbing surroundings and being present to where you are at that moment. You won’t miss an amazing rainbow if you expand your sight vision rather than looking at a device or selfie-ing. You will perhaps get to know someone better or deepen a relationship by being together in conversation and experience, rather than sitting with each other but being preoccupied by outside communication via the “device.” 

It comes down to making the choice of how we want to live our lives, rather than that being forced on us, which leads to that constant communication and using devices in an addictive way. Thinking about it first rather than just going with it and picking up texts and communication instantly is the first step in making the choice. You may want to live that way. Or you may want to be reminded to take in all that is around you and to be engaged with people when you are with them. There is so much more to it too. That constant outside stimulation leaves no room for introspection, thoughtfulness and creativity, to name a few. On the path to becoming robots! Without thinking, feeling and self-expression, we lose our individuality. Let us be individuals experiencing experiences with awareness and feeling.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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