Lessons From Abroad

Be Well Be Happy

“Be Well, Be Happy” is a constant reminder to stop, pay attention and be aware of our emotional state of mind.  We do our best in this column to give you tools to work with when you feel out of balance or unhappy.  Sometimes the tools work and other times not so much.

Many of the topics or focal points come from a personal experience. The following is my experience traveling with my daughter in Portugal. The most beautiful, spiritual country I have ever visited. We feel blessed to have had this extraordinary time together. A true exploration from the southernmost point of Portugal to the north in Porto.

The journey starts out in Lisbon, where we stay for two nights in a beautiful apartment located right in the center of Lisbon. Everything is walking distance and we cover around 10 miles a day up the hills and down again.  We are in good shape from yoga and Kayla from CrossFit so our bodies can handle the constant movement. I am too excited to slow down. The first night we go on a sailboat and we get some needed rest for our legs, especially since we had to run a mile to catch the sailboat that was just pulling out of the marina. Next day we go on a walking tour of Lisbon. So many interesting places to see and learn about. The good news is after the tour, Kayla is too tired to shop! Successful day.

The third day we head back to the airport to rent a car for the next part of our journey. I am somewhat nervous because I will be driving a manual car with the clutch. But since I learned how to drive 35 years ago using a clutch, I didn’t think I would have a problem.  It’s like riding a bike, you never forget, right? Well I make it out of the airport and my car starts smoking.  I quickly pull over and take a few deep breaths.  I look at my daughter and she says, “No worries Mom, you are doing fine.” Hah! Yes, I can do this, so I stop clutching for dear life and head back on the road with renewed confidence.  This time no smoking and we make it to the highway with ease, heading south to the Algarve.  My nerves are a bit shaken but I have to hold it together because I am the one in charge. 

Well, I will not bore you with the rest of our amazing trip but I will tell you it was a struggle at times to be composed and relaxed in a foreign country moving around every two days. However, there were churches everywhere and I prayed every day for a safe trip. When things happened, I was able to take a few deep breaths and observe the situation before responding.

Yoga teaches us to surrender and truly let go of that which doesn’t serve us.   We learned to go with the flow of life and adjust along the way.  We became the witness. When things didn’t go our way, we accepted it and knew everything happens for a reason. We laughed often and had the most carefree spirit living in the moment and knowing that this could be our last trip together.   We heard about the passing of beautiful Clare Droesch and we were very sad.  Our memories of Clare were that she always had a beautiful smile for everyone. We went to church to pray for Clare and her family and were reminded to put things in perspective and realize the hardships we have may be nothing compared to what others endure.   

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