John Kelly — An Inspiration To All

Be Well Be Happy

To be kind, compassionate and loyal is the description many would give to John Kelly. If you were lucky enough to meet John in your life, then you are blessed to have experienced an angel on earth who just got his wings to enter into heaven last week.

John had many lessons to teach to the young boys in Xavier, as well as others who met him. He was a great coach who taught the athletes to have integrity, strength, resilience and loyalty. Win or lose, you were encouraged by John to have good sportsmanship. You knew right away when you met him that he walked the walk. He was fair and made everyone feel like they had a special talent to offer the team. He had a great big smile radiating out to all, even in his darkest hours. 

One of his strongest traits was to stay positive and strong in the face of adversity. His beautiful wife, Janine, seems to carry the same traits. She is perhaps the strongest woman I have ever met. My deepest condolences to you Janine and your sons, Seamus and Sean. You and John have raised great men. You are an amazing role model to so many, just like John was to all the children he coached.

I write about John in this column because he is a hero and an example of a man who lived a life worth living. He fought the battle of ALS and wanted everyone to support ALS One to find a cure for this horrific disease. In lieu of flowers, the family asked to donate to ALS One. This organization was close to John’s heart and we owe it to him to continue the fight. 

To be kind and generous are words that easily describe John. He inspired so many to do the right thing, work hard and never give up. He led by example and gave 100 percent in his life to service. His life was full of love, admiration and faith. I will remember him for his grace, kindness and love of life. We lost one of the best and we will never forget John Kelly. A true gentleman.

I believe his boys will carry his legacy. Godspeed John. You are safe in God’s hands.

The following is from John Kelly aka Kellster Strong: “I’m in God’s hand. Everything will work out. Stay calm, positive and strong. Never give up. We are all in God’s hand. Everything will work out. Keep calm positive and strong. Never give up. You are in my heart Lord and I am in your hand Lord. Everything will work out. Be calm positive and strong. Never give up.”

Heaven just got one hell of a guy. We will never give up the fight John. Rest easy. You were an inspiration to us all. We will never forget you. God Bless.

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