Be Well Be Happy

Giving your head some room to breathe can really help with figuring something out, understanding someone’s behavior and alleviating stress. We can sometimes get fixed on something, thinking, thinking, creating stress and not taking the time to separate and create some room for ideas to arise to solve problems or to get out of an obsessive situation.  People’s disagreeable words keep coming up in our minds; we keep on playing a scenario that was unsavory; we keep going back to something we should have or should not have done. The pressure and tension mount.  And sometimes we take it out on those around us. There seems to be no way out!

First step is to take a little time to move away from life’s daily “to do list” and do something that is enjoyable, like preparing a meal if you like to cook or planting flowers or taking a ride on your bike or taking a walk up the street or whatever is simple for you and has no stress whatsoever. Divert your attention from the obsessive thought that is getting you nowhere to something you like. Slow it down. In this time, do not think. Do not hold onto thoughts and think. Just let your mind have space and “breathe.” The action of “breathing,” whether involuntary or voluntary, is relaxing, so introducing this to the head - the mind - is in itself the way to relax away from whatever is troubling, which is the beginning of an understanding or a resolution.

When I take some time to slow down and do something enjoyable, I gain insight into the troubles I have or the lack of understanding about someone’s behavior or anything that I just can’t move past. Sometimes it takes a few times or more, but creating the space for some headroom will bring some resolve sooner or later. Otherwise, we just turn and turn and churn and churn, not getting out of the patterned thinking. It is difficult to let it be and be in the moment, but with conscious effort, it is doable and gets easier. Life is busy! Busier for some, but one time per week, maybe?

Let go of whatever is the issue for a time, focus on something else that is easy and enjoyable. Often the answers come from the heart not the mind, but the mind has to stop in order for the wisdom of the heart to arise. With time and the conscious effort to let it be, we can much better navigate life, allowing what is inside of us to truly guide our actions and behavior. Give yourself some head room every now and then, even when nothing is up, it will bring you some peace and contentment. 

May you be happy. May you be free. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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