Upside of Being Unwell

Be Well Be Happy

We have much to be thankful for in our lives. If you were to count your blessings, your health and freedom could be your greatest gifts. Often I will toast to good health and think to myself, this is a serious toast that means a great deal to oneself. Only when you have a health issue, do you truly value the idea of waking up and stepping out of bed with ease. If you have your health, you are a rich person. Mind, body and spirit are intertwined. Without a peaceful mind, your body will feel unbalanced. Without a healthy body, your mind will become scattered. Without the connection to your spirit, your mind and body will feel detached.

Your gut takes cares of your mind. Eat healthy and be careful of all the processed foods. A plant-based diet tends to be the best for your health. So eat lots of greens! Stay away from sugar, it can cause all kinds of problems with the brain and body. Gastrointestinal disorders do not like processed food. Dairy can be inflammatory and many people are lactose intolerant. Almond milk is a great substitute. Your body will thank you for feeding it healthy foods.

Recently, I was blessed to have a stomach virus that knocked me off my feet and sent me to my bed for a full two days and then two more on the couch. Severe headaches were also part of this virus. The following is what sickness taught me. For one thing, how lucky am I to have a bed to lay my head down on and a house full of people to check in on me. Even though there was nothing they could do for me but leave me alone.

During this time, I found myself meditating quite a bit and becoming the witness of my thoughts and many other things. I became more aware of what people do not have in their lives when they are sick. It was really weird, but I was so thankful for my rest time and sickness. I did not like being weak and feeble, but I knew this would pass. When it didn’t pass in 48 hours and I was still weak, I began to push myself to get out of bed. Because I knew there are so many people who struggle everyday with real illnesses and they must motivate themselves to move as best they can. It was such an eye-opener because the truth is you do not know the struggles people go through every day unless you walk in their shoes. My prayers and compassion go to all those fighting against an illness. Stay strong and rest when your body feels tired. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water when you can. Hydration is key. Know that this too shall pass.

Sickness can be scary and humbling. One day you are healthy and the next day you are on your deathbed. If you are lucky enough to have a comfortable home to rest in, you are blessed. You are safe and time will heal all wounds. Just give yourself time. Don’t rush back to work. Heal fully and be happy. May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering. 

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