Back To School

Be Well Be Happy

It’s that time again for many of the children and teachers to head back to school and say goodbye to summer. One of the hardest things to do is abandon the beach, especially here in Rockapulco! We live in paradise and no one wants to leave this peninsula. For those of us left behind, we will miss you terribly. It’s not the same when our summer friends bid us farewell.  But rest assured, before you know it, you will all be back. Home will always be here.

Change in a regular schedule can cause havoc for some people. But we know change is inevitable in all facets of life, so we must learn to go with the flow and adapt. Learning to create a new routine wherever you go. Going away to college is a huge transition. It requires discipline and learning to create a structured day with the many free hours. Some majors have few spare hours while others have more free time than work time. 

Keeping busy is key. Developing a practice of equanimity is of utmost importance. Most young people are just beginning to get to know themselves when they are thrown into an environment that has a tremendous amount of peer pressure. Self-control can be difficult, to say the least. You will learn so much from this life experience and every parent just prays for your safe return. So study harder than you play. This is an opportunity for you to soar, not everyone is given the chance to go away to college to study.

Parents dropping children off to college for the first time will be heartbroken. But this will pass with time. For one thing, you will sleep better not waiting for them to come home. The fact is you have taught them all there is to know, now it is up to them to execute what they have learned. No one is perfect so mistakes will be made and they will learn from these lessons. 

Everyone has a journey and we cannot always protect our children. They must leave and we must trust the universe.  I have three children, two have already graduated from college, survived and returned home. Trust me, I cried a lot more when they returned home! One more to finish this year, God willing. 

My prayers and thoughts are with the parents who say goodbye to their sons and daughters who serve in our military. We have many families in Rockaway, Breezy and Broad Channel whose children have served and continue to serve our country.  We thank you and are forever grateful for your selfless service.  I have great respect for the parents who are able to live a somewhat normal life while your children are away in dangerous parts of the world. I know some of these parents well, as do many of you, so we thank you all for your generosity and strength during these times. God bless them and keep them safe.

Today I affirm: letting go isn’t easy and change may be difficult, but the only way I will develop the courage to nurture my higher self is to make room for uncomfortable lessons and learn from them. 

May you be happy, may you be healthy, live with ease and be free of suffering.

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