Be Well Be Happy

This was inspired by someone who recently told me that she turned a corner and realized that she wants to accept herself the way she is. We were talking about eating habits and body type, and how much genetics plays a part. A big part! There is no way that I am ever getting myself tall and lean. Just like in the same way, the tall, svelte woman will never have curves—which is sometimes a trend and sometimes not. This is not only the case for women; it also applies to men. What is in vogue? Who cares?

It is OK to be exactly who you are. At some point, it is good to realize that your body type is your body type and your mind is your mind. Accept. Accept. Accept. Once we accept, we can relax. Once we relax, we can think about being healthy in body and healthy in mind.  Whatever form that takes. Being healthy is so, so much more long lasting. And being healthy requires a lot of thinking, preparing, choosing. Especially nowadays when there is so much in unhealthy foods at everyone’s fingertips and stress triggers in many parts of our lives.

Recalling my Dad, who reminded me that moderation is key to living a good life. Not too much of anything leads to balance and health. There is more to think about now because of how everything in our world is processed and so far away from its origin. If we apply the same principle, though, we can be happy and healthy. Just being thoughtful about choices we make and being moderate, not excessive, in everything we do.

Looking in the mirror and accepting the form in front of you and accepting the everyday thoughts are the first steps in achieving balance and wellness. Not to say you don’t want to change your body—maybe, maybe not—but by accepting, you open a door to do it. No resistance. No hoping for something that will never be. Just be and go from there. 

This not only applies to physical form but also our minds. We have thought patterns, habits, such complicated ways of justifying things to ourselves, and making up stories from perceptions, etc. Accept. Accept. Accept. Once we accept our minds, we can relax. Once we relax, we can think about changing the mindset to let go of all that is behind and focus on the positive future of living. It is a choice. Then a decision. Like a key turning in a lock. Like a click. 

The battle can be over. It is what it is. We are who we are. It could be brilliant to be exactly who you are at every moment in time and to take the time to make the choices that are synchronized to our bodies and our minds. Relax. Be. Acknowledge “The Who” you are, accept and then go from there. It is OK to be exactly who you are. 

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. 

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