The Healing Power of Music

Be Well Be Happy

On Sunday, Music That Heals, an organization I am affiliated with, hosted a concert at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club.  The concert was to bring awareness in our community to the beneficial work that each and every musician in this program does to promote healing power to ill children and adults. There are countless stories that attest to the fact that music uplifts the spirit, the mood, the very essence of a person. The professional musicians in the program share their talents in sometimes settings that are probably difficult to bear, like hospice units and burn centers, and their intention of bringing joy in the moment is remarkable. They are performing for the moment to give people who are suffering a chance to engage their senses of hearing and sight, and forget about what is really going on. It is a chance to be in a moment of joy, listening to the beautiful sounds instruments emit and voices that sing from the heart.

Studies show that pleasing music lowers the stress hormone, not surprising, as we feel better when we have and have had a musical experience. And decreasing stress increases the possibility of good health—in whatever way: for someone whose body is failing, maybe of a peaceful mind and a joyful heart. That is what the musicians in the Music That Heals program do —  they provide the gift of healing through the power of music.

I realized that people in our community came yesterday to the concert for the very same reason: to engage in their senses, forget about what is going on in life for a little while and enjoy the sounds, the stories, the voices, the laughter. And that lift up even for a little while is healing because it gives us space to not focus on difficulties, tasks, duties, anything else, but to be in the moment allowing the music to enter our bodies, minds and hearts. More than recorded music, listening to live performances are experiences shared with others—being in the same place in unity, being there for the same purpose, to enjoy the experience. So being in community and listening to music has a powerful, positive, inner, long-lasting effect if we remember the experience over and over again, bringing to mind how it made us feel and re-joying in the memory. 

"Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." -Plato

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful.  May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. 

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