Be Well Be Happy

Faith and love will guide you through difficult times. So often we experience suffering and loss in our life. Sadness can flow deep into our heart because we have loved and lost.  Especially during the holidays, those that have lost loved ones feel a terrible sadness. We try to console and help one another as best we can but, in the end, you must trust the process. Love and compassion will help to heal your broken heart. Trust and believe.

Without my faith, I would not be able to move on and continue to live life fully when times get tough. From a young age, it was instilled in me to believe in God. It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, but if you have your faith, you have the greatest gift you will ever receive. There will be good times and bad times, and you will learn to understand this is all part of life. We sometimes question why there is so much suffering and loss, but your faith will carry you on. Faith gives you strength, integrity and dignity. If we do not have our faith, we will break and lose heart. I believe in prayer and intention. My parents gave me the greatest gift when they taught me to have faith.

Hope is a word that not everyone believes in. We pray for miracles every day and hope there is a cure for disease or discontentment. One who has hope, has the will and determination to set goals so they will be achieved. Hope is important because life is difficult and so many obstacles are put in our way. Hope allows people to approach problems with a mindset to be successful. I hope whoever is reading this believes in the power of HOPE.

Most times when I go to my yoga mat, I put my hands in a prayer gesture and I ask for God’s guidance. Without this special intention, I am somewhat lost. Working with my breath, I breathe in calm, I breathe out peace. My Intention draws my Attention in. The mantra resonates and begins to manifest within my body and mind. 

Paying attention to what you believe is powerful. Sometimes I will do nine sun salutations, each one representing an intention/prayer attached to it. Pray for peace, pray for compassion, pray for healing, pray for love, pray for freedom, pray for humanity, pray for the good of all, PRAY for FAITH. You don’t have to do nine sun salutations, but imagine setting intentions and having faith in each one, hoping for the best outcome? 

My faith is my lifesaver. My good friend Denise Lee gave me a beautiful coffee cup describing faith on it, “With Man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are POSSIBLE.” Matthew 19:26. May you all have faith in this beautiful season of lights.

The Choice. "Is it faith or fear that rises to the fore, affirmation or negation at the very core and center of the self? Will it be light or dark within the heart today? The icy grip of fear that knots and sours leaving me to cower in the shadows? There is another way-I know it surely as I know the scent of Spring, the choice of faith invites, invokes, calls forth from all creation both the blessing and the lesson of the day. Whether faith or fear, the choice is mine alone. Each moment, choosing, stepping through the door, trusting that the path beyond will surely lead me home." By Danna Faulds.

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