Working with Limitations

Be Well Be Happy

Learning to respect and work with injuries is a journey that we take when our bodies or minds do not cooperate and tell us something is not working properly. It means we must slow down and learn to adjust the way we do things. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do what you want to do, it just means you must compromise and make changes to your routine.  Learning from our limitations and being able to modify allow us to go with the flow of life and all its curve balls. Our limitations humble us and give us strength to move on.

When one is sick or injured, it is a very difficult place to be. The old saying, “You don’t know how a person feels until you walk in their shoes,” is spot on. We really don’t know how we would respond if we lost the use of our legs, hands, arms, voice, etc. Movement is helpful in moving stagnate energy in our bodies, but it can also be done by using subtle energies within your body. Our cells are full of energy and we can imagine moving through them with our breath and consciousness. It is a hard thing to explain because it is subtle, but it is a powerful tool to learn when one becomes ill or injured and can’t use the body the way she/he used to.

Saying you can’t do something means you are not willing to try or perhaps you are afraid of the unknown and you don’t want to make the necessary changes to do what you once loved to do. We choose to be safe and comfortable in our lives, so taking chances will bring us out of our comfort zone. I believe it is important to take the leap and try new things to keep your body and mind fresh. 

Make adjustments along the way and be mindful in whatever you are doing. The practice of yoga is always teaching us how to be mindful. Yoga is for everyone regardless of your conditions. Yes, there are different styles of yoga but I am certain there are benefits to them all. It’s all yoga.

My personal practice tends to be strong and yet soft. I know when to back off and when to go to my edge. As teachers, we all do our best to teach a balanced class and provide modifications for those students who need it. Working with limitations can be a challenge for both the student and teacher. We learn together and the most important tool to learn is awareness.

What can I do as a student to make my body and mind align with my breath, helping to move stagnate energy in an organic way? Practice without hesitation and know that you are your greatest teacher. The highest form in any practice is to be mindful. To let go of judgment and expectations. Never give up and know that you can do anything you want with limitations.

I have learned the greatest lessons from injuries and sicknesses. This is life. A journey of ups and down.

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