Waking Up to This Day

Be Well Be Happy

Some days are easier to wake up to than other days. Recently, I took my yearly trip down to Rincon, Puerto Rico and I must tell you, it is really easy to wake up on a warm, beautiful tropical island surrounded by water. Everyone is so laid back and easy going.

The tranquil environment allows you to be stress-free without a care in the world. Dwelling in the present moment comes without difficulty. Counting your blessings is organic. Most certainly makes you think twice about living on a tropical island.

That being said, there is no place like home. Yes, there are more responsibilities and things to do, but the truth is if you surround yourself with loving people and create a comfortable space to live, you will be just as happy, or almost as content as the person living on an island.

On my vacation I read a powerful book, “Waking Up to This Day” by Paula D’Arcy. Many times, I had to put it down because the content touched my heart and I needed to absorb it slowly. In fact, I have had this book for years but couldn’t read it. 

D'Arcy teaches us how to wake up to this day and all that life has to offer us. There is so much suffering in one’s life and yet, we are encouraged to move on because this is all part of life. “Our function is not to live forever but to live in this moment.” -Joko Beck.  Why is it that so many of us cannot live in the present moment but live from the past and the future?

D'Arcy writes this book after losing her husband and 22-month-old baby girl named Sarah in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. She is obviously devastated by her losses and does not want to live but somehow, she manages to break through her sorrow and move on. She never forgets but says it is the love from her past that carried her on. 

She begins a new career writing books and speaking nationwide to large groups of people about waking up to this day. She is an inspirational writer and speaker who has turned a negative into a positive, teaching people how to work from a place of love.

Delving deep into my family history and all the losses I have experienced in life, I realize it was the tremendous love that supported my will to live happily in this life. I grew up in a loving, compassionate home. This would be the glue that kept me together during times of loss.

Sadness never fully leaves you, but you learn to live life one day at a time. Whatever you are doing and whoever you choose to spend your time with, is life itself. There is much suffering in life but do not attach yourself to your grief, instead perhaps find a way to live a life worth living.

“We are the night ocean filled with glints of light. We are the space between the fish and the moon, while we sit here together.”  ~Rumi. 

I am in love with life. The birds, the ocean, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the people, my family. I hope if and when you suffer from loss, you learn to heal by living in the present moment, listening to the birds singing and seeing life with all its beauty.

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