Be Well Be Happy

Recently, I spent some time reading about the eight parts of yoga and one of the second parts is something called, “santosha,” which means complete acceptance, satisfaction and contentment. This is not to mean contentment in the form of “bliss,” which is another subject altogether. What it refers to is the ability to feel satisfied and content within the immediate state of being and experience, accepting what is present. Easy to imagine within a very pleasant experience. Harder to imagine in the face of heartbreak, sickness, financial difficulties, loss of people in our lives, loss of meaningful things, and whatever else changes.

The thing to think about is that everything changes. Everything is always in a state of change. The change may take a lot of time to manifest, but it is happening. Our minds, however, don’t always seem to get that. We sometimes hold on to some rigid thinking about what something should be, or someone’s behavior, or some injustice in our work life or personal life or family life, and lose sight of some basics about human existence.

Everything is not perfect. Everything is constantly changing. Everything moves forward in time. 

So, if we use these three precepts of basic human existence, perhaps we can better observe ourselves as being accepting, satisfied and content. If I believe and accept that I am to be in this state at this moment in time — even if it is heartbreaking or difficult or chaotic — then, I can be content in the moment. Content that this is my existence at this moment in time. And it will change — as everything does —and I can affect a change if one needs to be for the better, but I am not wallowing in the unhappy state which will prevent me from moving forward positively. 

Accepting the present and when felt and thought of as satisfactory for this moment in time, there arises a feeling of hopefulness. Hopefulness then becomes an intention. And intention with positive energy behind it can bring about a better feeling, a change in someone’s behavior, a better sense of well-being.  When we can keep our spirits up — being ok with what is going on even if very difficult — we will be balanced and calm. And we can be. 

How to get there? Observing what we feel, think, say and do in each and every circumstance will bring about an understanding of where we are on the “contentment” scale.  Accepting that this is here now, not forever, creates a space to think and feel more openly, more balanced, so as to bring about a change maybe a little easier. 

“Santosha” is one of the “codes” to living soulfully and purposefully connected to our inner nature, the essence of who we are. Being at peace, in balance, and free evolves and becomes when we are present, thoughtful, mindful, body-ful, emotionally aware and inwardly reverent.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. 

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