Trust your Heart

Be Well Be Happy

Listening to your heart can often be difficult, but I have found if you give yourself time alone in a quiet space, you will hear a beautiful symphony that guides you on your journey. Sometimes there is pain in the heart when we lose a loved one or when we hear of sickness in a friend’s life or when our children grow up and move away. Taking some deep breaths and giving yourself time to absorb the changes in life may help to see and feel your heart’s space. There is so much love in our hearts for one another and we have such strong emotions from the heart space. The heart is an extraordinary organ. The beating of a heart is the first thing we hear and feel when we are pregnant with our babies.

Hearts can be broken when we break up with a loved one and there is real physical pain in the heart region. It is helpful to sit with the sadness and just be with it. It’s also helpful to share your sorrow. Some would rather move on and deny the suffering, but in the end, you will not release the pain but rather bury it in your body. It can cause sickness and pain, so better to release the ache. Unfortunately, most people will experience a broken heart in their lifetimes.

When looking for answers to your life’s journey, listen to your heart. My mom did not encourage me to listen to my heart because she thought it would lead me astray. I was carefree and wanted to travel the world to immerse in all of the diverse cultures. I almost was successful but then I decided to settle down in NYC and be close to my family. Thank God I followed this path because my heart and soul is my family.

My middle son is moving out west and I was heartbroken at first.  He is very independent and we are very proud of all his accomplishments. He works and plays hard. Not sure if he is following his heart and/or his head, but he is young, so now is the time to travel and live his life. We take things for granted until changes force us to see how blessed we have been to share our heart’s space with one another. I believe if you love someone, you must let them go to live from their heart’s space. We are all unique and have a path. I know it’s going to be really hard for him to say goodbye to our family and all his friends, so I am doing my best to make it easy for him. He is brave and strong. May you live from your heart space my dear. May you be a good friend to yourself and everyone you meet. And please don’t forget where you came from. You are my heart and soul.



by Kate Waitzkin


Trust your heart, dear son

It will not lead you astray

Open to the gentle guidance of your spirit and breathe into the courage that will allow you to follow the path it so gracefully offers

With practice, your choices will fill with the ease and softness of deep, inner knowing and your actions will be a reflection of self-love, respect and peace

Trust your heart, dear friend

It will not lead you astray

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