Be Well Be Happy

As I sit and contemplate about my column this week, not feeling inspiration, not getting the thought that propels me into the journey of finding a message for this column, feeling tired and heavy from the week and life right now. All at once, the notion comes: “lighten up!”  And I ask myself, why do I feel so heavy? Why? Why? Why? And that is the beauty. When we examine what is going on, and when it is heavy, the opposite presents itself and we can totally change our mindset and our heartset. Just by asking the question why. The power of the mind and the heart saves us. Life is life. We get so many curve balls—some curvier than others—sometimes, it is like: what next? Other times, it is flow and bliss. 

We do have the power to “lighten up.” We can change our minds and turn our hearts toward lightness with the intention to do so. Physically, we can turn the corners of our mouths upward in a smile—even if it is a little one. We can search online for cute puppies or kittens or children, and laugh at their antics. Smiling and laughing helps to uplift the spirit. We must remember when it is not so great that around the corner it could be. And that, somehow, can get us through—with laughter and a little help from our friends.

Being present with a smile, kind words and laughter for someone else who is going through a hard time is in the moment, creating a memory which that person may remember when sinking down into the hard time. Having compassion for what someone is going through—trying to understand and put ourselves in her/his shoes—realizing that sometimes there is no quick way out and making the best of sharing something together is a recipe for lifting up. Making an effort to help someone else to lighten up is a gift to ourselves, more so than a gift for that person because it is in giving, that we receive the most precious gifts of satisfaction, love and inner peace. 

When something challenges you to have anxiety or sink down, take a moment to turn it upside down to calm and a degree of happiness. Within this realm, you have the power to change your mood. You have the power to change your actions. You have the power to change your words. As I say often enough in this column, “what we do, say, think, feel, becomes a part of us.” Take a moment to take a long deep breath in, filling out the belly, pause, and exhale, fully engaging the belly by pulling the navel towards the back of the spine.  Feel your spine lift, your heart shine forward: “I am here.”

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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