Protection. Nourishment. Comfort

Be Well Be Happy

I had one full day to myself and decided to do nothing much else but read a book a friend had given me. It is a memoir of all different remedies one individual went through for several years of her life through relationships and family drama and all else that life brings to offer. She searched through all self-help connections and traveled extensively to experience various modes of proposed healing approaches, frantically trying to fill something, frantically trying to figure out what she needed in order to live a happy life.

I love the dedication at the beginning of the book: “For all those who’ve ever needed a lantern. And for all those who’ve been one.” I think most of us have probably needed and been one at different times in our lives. This author searched and searched for the way through all different sorts of people and experts, meandering mindfully and sometimes not so mindfully, to identify her place in the world: a place to live, a place to work, a place to be happy — finally settling to a beautiful open place that evolved to where she provided herself a simple life. She was content to realize and know deeply that she simply needed protection, nourishment and comfort, and wanted to share it with others. So she became the lantern too, showing the way and enlightening others through her experience and settled way of life. 

It makes me think of how often we complicate our lives, seeking things not really necessary to fulfill our basic needs. I think sometimes we should just start there in the simplicity of a roof, food and comfortable surroundings when things become overwhelming and busy, and we forget about all the other stuff. Then proceed to fill in slowly, always remembering what is basic, what we really need and how we could sustain ourselves. The less we have, the less we have to think about. The less we have to think about, the more time we have to be in time and space that we want to be, reveling in whatever it is that makes us happy and free. 

We may have to start from scratch to create what that simplicity is in our lives. Summer is a good a time as any to slow down life and think about what is necessary, what are necessary enhancements and what are downright extras that turn into complications with too much time spent and not enough time reaping the benefits. Taking time to step back in observation will reveal what is what and we can continue to make a few subtle changes to bring us back to simplicity and more inner peace and happiness.

Just planting some seeds for thought here, inspired by one day reading a book, on a simple day at the beginning of summer in Rockaway. 

(Reference: The Book of Help, A Memoir of Remedies - Megan Griswold)

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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