Change For The Better

Be Well Be Happy

We can, most times, change things for the better that are maybe dragging down our energy and zest for living. Why does it sometimes take a big blow to plan for a change?  We take what is put on our plates and do it day after day without really thinking about it.  We don’t think about whether or not it is right for us and if there are any other possibilities. 

What do we really “have” to do?  We really “have” to take care of ourselves—when we are happy, healthy and whole, we can take care of others. And we “have” to take care of others, for sure, family members, friends, whoever needs support in whatever way. Reality of life is stunning—hard, happy, fun, full of laughter, tears, health issues, emotional rollercoasters. We are not alone. We are here to be there for each other as I have heard the Dalai Lama express many times. 

We may not really know and feel what is dragging us down until the big blow happens and that is what I am pondering. How do we really know what is good and whole for us? How can we examine all that is in our lives to make sure we are happy?  When do we do this? Thinking about making it a weekly touch base. A touch base on a life level, physical level, mind level and heart level. Just food for thought.

Life level: where do I live? Is it comfortable? What do I have to take care of? Is that comfortable? Am I doing anything just because, rather than making a conscious choice to be where I am right now?

Physical level:  how does my body feel when I wake up?  Is there anything going on that I should look in to? When I do physical activity, does any part of my body hurt?  If so, investigate and find an answer! And if no answer, then honor what is apparent and adjust. Why not? What’s the competition? And why? 

Mind level: Is my mind calm to some extent? Or always racing? Do I separate out thoughts and thought patterns rather than have everything racing through my mind all of the time? If so, how can I stop to change this and control what is in my mind rather than it controlling me?

Heart level: How do I feel? This is a big one. Having the intention to getting to really know how we feel is the key to change and transformation. And that just reinforces my belief that everything originates from the heart space. I intuitively know this. 

Thinking that we just have to check in on ourselves maybe on a weekly basis to see if we are where we want and need to be in order to live life fully and happily. Before you know it, another 10 years go by and?

Be well and happy in the life we have and make a conscious effort to make that happen rather than life just zooming by. 

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. 

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