Goodbye Summer

Be Well Be Happy

Labor Day Weekend did not disappoint with the beautiful beach weather, clean water, great people and a school of dolphins. The entire summer was extraordinary in so many ways. My intention was to be present and enjoy my family and friends.

September is finally here and it can be the most beautiful month in the Rockaways with necessary quiet time. It can always be stressful and cause anxiety for many people going through changes such as jobs, school, relocating, etc. Do your best to welcome them all. Some good, some not so good. Face your fears and leave your anxieties behind. In the end, we must accept the constant changes in life. Embrace life for today.

Beach yoga was once again one of the big highlights of my summer. Honestly, every year I say to myself, “maybe I should take a break and have Saturdays off,” but the truth is I absolutely love teaching to this very special group of people from all walks of life. It’s been nine years teaching basic yoga every Saturday to the most amazing group of human beings.  Everyone is so grateful and easy going. I love hearing all the stories and becoming part of their journey. When they come to yoga, they are looking for peace and serenity. 

I try to be very aware of some of their struggles and do my best to offer a balanced practice encouraging healing. It is an honor and pleasure to have this opportunity from the Parks Department to offer free yoga on the beach. When I first started teaching beach yoga, I did not have a lot of experience but the students were always kind and understanding. Mostly, I would teach to the new students wanting them to understand how yoga could help connect you to your body and mind. At times it would be difficult to teach 100 students and not be able to help them more with body alignment. But truly grace is the highest alignment and being in nature, they are able to feel the power of their higher self. It is quite an uplifting experience for me as a teacher and a privilege to offer this practice. I always walk away in awe of the amazing students who are always so appreciative. For everyone out there who ventured out to beach yoga, thank you. Thank you for your presence and support. It has been an awesome experience.

Teaching back at the studio is always a place of ease. It is home. We have lots of props and I can clearly see everyone in the room. If you have never been to Ocean Bliss Yoga Studio, you must try a class. We have a very special place in the Belle Harbor Yacht Club on the third floor. It’s heaven on earth for all who enter.  We are blessed to share this space and we welcome all levels. Our classes are diverse and the advanced student is usually the gentle student who moves slowly with a keen awareness. I believe it is important to have a balanced body and mind. 

Our bodies have so many complexities and with every contraction, we need lengthening of our muscles. The more I practice yoga, the more I want to learn about every aspect of the practice. We are all students for life. Breathwork takes priority in most classes. Moving the body in an organic motion using your breath is of utmost importance. Keep moving even if it’s only your fingers or toes. Let your breath initiate any movement. Let the conversation between your body and mind begin with your breath.

I can guarantee you positive changes will happen for you and everyone around you. Whatever you are feeling inside is projected outwards. Positive energy is contagious. Share your happiness with someone who needs it.  We are forever in service to our community. May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be free of suffering and may you live with ease. Namaste.

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