Gratitude is Attitude

Be Well Be Happy

Sunday is a day of rest, relaxation and renewal in my house. It is a day I try not to work, except if you call writing this column work.  I am grateful for this column because it encourages me to reflect on what helps someone become happy and content. When speaking to my daughter, who is a very positive and grateful person, she said, “gratitude is attitude.” With this statement, I became inspired to write once again about how important it is to have gratitude in your life. It improves the quality of your thoughts and actions. "Thank you"  is a powerful mantra.

Often you will meet someone who has difficulty finding gratitude in their life, and so their attitude becomes one of bitterness and negativity. It is hard for them to get out of their own way to see the sun shining through on a gray day. I often wonder what if they were to wake up each day with an intention to be grateful? What if this were their last day on earth?   Would they regret all the times they didn’t know how to live in the moment of gratitude for the now?

Feeling blessed when you have lost someone can seem impossible and unattainable. Especially, if it is an untimely death. Perhaps, at this time, you are disheartened and so sad. Allowing yourself time to grieve, cry and be sad is something that may help. I have heard of much loss in the past few weeks and it breaks my heart. The only thing I can offer is prayers and offer my sincere condolences. There is much sadness, and maybe those of us who are grateful can help lift the ones who are in a bad place at this moment. I don’t know how one moves on, but I do know it is necessary to accept, forgive and carry on with life. You are a warrior and can help others in the future. Sometimes a hardship can turn into a blessing. At least this is what I have been told when I experienced loss and it turned out to be true.

Breathing with ease and letting go of any anxieties or worries will help you find gratitude. Close your eyes for a few moments and be with your breath. Let it breathe your body, mind and spirit. Feel it, listen to it and know you are never alone. Think of one thing you are grateful for and stay there for a few moments. You will find great comfort and ease in your life by connecting to your breath and a positive mantra. Breathe in, thank you, breathe out, grateful.

I am grateful for all my teachers in life. My parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, husband, children, friends, neighbors, colleagues, students, neighbors, strangers and spiritual leaders.  It is a blessing to share space with each and every one of you. I am forever grateful for the lessons in life.  May you be blessed with good friends and a close family. Life is short. It can be beautiful.  Find one thing every morning to be thankful for and then increase your gratitude list.

May you be happy, peaceful, healthy and free of suffering.

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