Be Well Be Happy

Some people go with the flow all their lives; when something changes, whatever it may be, they seem to go with it. Others face a grueling inner war every time there is a change.  Partly, I think, it has to do with individual nature. Each of us has a certain makeup that is the sum total of what we came into the world with, what formed during the early years and the experiences we had as young adults.  Can we change the way we deal with change?  And can we be more accepting of change? Particularly when someone close has a change of heart? 

The awareness that everything is changing at every moment is at the source of understanding and accepting what change is all about. We can paint that picket fence white, but it does not stay white. It begins to get nicks here and there and grays over time. It is happening right before our eyes, but it is a gradual change, so we often don’t notice.  There is a natural order of things in the inanimate world and also in the living world of flowers, trees, insects, fish, animals and humans. 

If you take a time-lapse video beginning with the planting of a flower seed, you will see the first sprout through the soil to the growth of the stem to the bursting of the bud to the flowering.  Then you will see the beginning of brown edges on the petals to the falling off of the leaves to the withering of the flower back to the earth. This is the natural order of things. From the moment the seed sprouts, a chain is triggered to grow and reach a flower at its peak beauty—the perfection of nature. 

We can bring this imagery to our own lives. On a physical level, accepting the natural order of things could be challenging for some because of outside influences.  We want to “look” young.  It is much better to feel young!  To be healthy from the inside out.  “We are what we eat” is no joke. Trying to eat healthy foods for the most part—food with no additives—then once in a while, eat whatever is tempting.  For the mind, also feeding it what is good and whole.  Keeping an active mind and taking in no violence or hate or anything like that.  Then embracing that our bodies change, our appearances change in the natural order of things.

Unexpected things happen.  A job layoff.  An accident. Someone all of a sudden wanting to move on. Whatever it is.  How we internalize and deal with what happens, makes a big difference in the health of our inner landscape, that is, who we are and hope to be. So the next time something unexpected happens, try to understand it, deal with it with an open heart and imagine what good can come out of it. 

Situations change. People change. Life is changing all of the time. Embrace it as the natural order of things and you will be calmer and happier.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you be grateful. May you have inner peace.

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