The Mind Is The Builder

Be Well Be Happy

This past month at the studio, the focus was on removing the obstacles on our path through intention and focus. Belief is biology and when we practice mindfulness through our intention, we are able to give ourselves permission to lay down our burdens and make space for connecting with our true divine selves.

Edgar Cayce wrote in his book, A Search for God, “The mind is the builder,” so whatever it is, the mind gets hooked on, be it anger, fear, revenge, resentment, that is exactly what our future holds. Rumi wrote, “The universe conspires on your behalf” and that works both ways. Stay in a cycle of fear and hatred and that is what our future holds. Set your intention on love, calm, clarity and courage and we will find more of it in our lives. We create our future from this precise moment. The future is built into this sacred moment. Setting this lofty intention of love and compassion can be a difficult challenge because our brains for the most part are hardwired for negativity or that fight and flight mode.

In the yoga sutras, they describe a path to peace in an effort to bring serenity of mind and to more effectively respond to our world more skillfully. Asana, or the actual physical practice of yoga, calms the mind for meditation where we can reflect on the manifestations we create and how to soften around our ever-aggressive minds and bring forth that seed of love and compassion.

Practicing mindfulness and prayer around these aspects helps us walk through our daily journey cultivating a more peaceful and radiant environment for ourselves and others instead of focusing on the negative egoic whims and fancies of the mind and being swept away in confusion and fear. When we can cultivate clarity and warmth, we will vibrate that out to those around us creating a saner, kinder world. Seems naïve and simplistic but any small or great endeavor starts with one step.

One practice from the yoga sutras is called the four locks and keys. The first lock is when you encounter a happy person to treat them with the friendliness key, an unhappy person with the compassion key, virtuous use the delight key and a wicked person use the disregard key or equanimity. This last one does not mean by any means we ignore evil or morally corrupt situations in our community or country but that by trying to practice calm we cultivate a heightened clarity that removes the dross from our minds and gives us the courage to step forward with duty and action that benefits the greater good.

A tall order it is but as we slowly walk forward (and they can be baby steps) towards removing the obstacles that stunt our inner goodness, we grow and so does everything around us. It gives hope and light. We saw this with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Thich Nhat Hanh. All peaceful warriors who effected great change for the good of many. We can all effect some change in the world. We see this kind spirit in our beautiful Rockaway community. Our own Rockaway native and esteemed yoga teacher, Sarah Arikian, is doing amazing work in Africa, where together with her friend, she helped create a library in the rural village of Accra, Ghana, where children and families now have free access to books and knowledge. Amazing work Sarah and Suzy!

Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.” May you be happy and peaceful. Namaste

 By Kathy Pastina

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