The Soul’s Plan

Be Well Be Happy

The journey in life is sometimes long and often cut short for others. We all have a unique path and want to live a happy and healthy life but as we know, it doesn’t always work out that way.

We are blessed to be here in sickness or health. It is more difficult to feel gratitude when you are ill or have a loss in your life of a loved one. These are trying times and they test our faith. It is the caregivers that are our angels on earth. You have my sincere gratitude for being compassionate and kind.

Today I opened several different books and each one sent me the message of gratitude. Do I repeat myself? Of course, I do because this is a daily practice of mine. I try to live each moment with a presence of gratitude. The greatest prayer, “Thank You.” When I wake up, open my eyes and put two feet on the ground, I say, thank you God for another day. I infuse my day with gratitude and it makes me happy. Energy is everything, everything is energy. (Thank you to Chris Romulo for this comment). So, when my attitude is of gratitude, I am lifted up to a place of grace.  My intention is cultivated with a grateful heart for this moment, this life, this feeling, this breath. It is everything to me to be grateful.

One of the books I chose gave me a ritual to follow to encourage a heathy and happy life. For the next 28 days you can dedicate yourself to this three-part ritual. Taken from the "Moon Deck Guidebook." (Thank you, Jen Kelleher, for your inspiration in our Moon Circles at Ocean Bliss Yoga). 

Adorn: Choose a favorite piece of jewelry to be your gratitude ‘charm’. On day one, hold this charm and infuse it with your deepest gratitudes. Let yourself be moved by the countless blessings in your life. Wear this charm throughout the ritual as a sweet reminder. (I have chosen a beautiful citrine necklace my very generous sister, Margaret, who I love dearly, gifted to me just because. Thank you, Maggie, you make my heart sing). 

Gratitude Jar: Then, every day for 28 days, write one to three things you’re grateful for and put it into a glass jar. Be specific—tap into how these people, experiences or qualities have elevated your life. Place your jar where the sun and moon can shine light into your blessings. (Today is Day One for me, so very grateful for my Ocean Bliss community, blessed to hear the birds singing on this beautiful day, thankful for my family and gratitude for The Rockaway Times for providing a space to share my thoughts.)

On day 29: Empty your jar and read your notes with full presence. You may be surprised and touched by what you read. Continue to make gratitude a vital part of your daily life. Breathing in, I am grateful, breathing out, I am happy. May all beings be free of suffering, may you be free, may you live with ease and may you find gratitude in your life.

By Helen Kilgallen


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