Be Well Be Happy

 Recognize and note the signs of overload. Feeling tired. Not knowing where you are for a second. Feeling drained. Feeling down. Overload is different from stress, yet needs attention just as much, because it could be the underlying cause of stress which we all know by now is detrimental to a good, happy life.

First thing to do is to note the cause, or causes, of overload. Often it’s a buildup: needs of work, family, friends, pets, organizations you belong to, etc. etc. Fill it in. Note it all. Sometimes we just forge ahead – because we can “do it all” and then BOOM some of those signs above start becoming... start manifesting. You will realize: “Wow, I’m dealing with and doing a lot.” Just to yourself. Just come to terms with all of it to yourself. No one is going to tell you that you are so incredibly amazing because you are dealing with so much because they are going through the same!

Number one: don’t take anything else on. There is nothing wrong when someone is asking you for something with saying, “I have what I can give my wholehearted attention to right now, maybe sometime in the future we can talk about it”. When we are ok, we can give what others need in a wholehearted way. If we are on overload, that is not possible.

Once you have recognized and noted ALL that is going on in your life, next step is assessment. What is absolutely necessary today? What is absolutely necessary this week? Then, make these things priorities and let some things fall off just for the time being. Just for the time being! What can I back off from?

Get a break from some one thing. Of course, if there is a possibility that you can retreat to a vacation to refresh and renew, do it! If not, we have to find ways to alleviate the OVERload so that we feel more at ease and all of those weighing down symptoms lift off.

A free day! If it is at all possible to clear one day, do it. What can I do now so that I can have a free day tomorrow? Just like a snow day. Cannot go anywhere – stopped. What would you do or not do?

Bottom line: Feel. Think. Do or Not Do. The continual going going going has no room for: “what am I feeling now?”, no room to think: “is this good right now?”, no room to be in the present moment with conscious, feeling decisions about what we’re dong at the moment in time. It’s almost like a train proceeding on a track with no stops – no checks and balances.

Determine what your checks and balances should be – for you. No two of us are alike, so only you can know. What is your barometer? When is it too much? When are you on OVERload? Back off, take a long, deep breath and find a way to let some things go for the moment. Get back to establishing a balance and go from there.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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