You Are A Lighthouse

Be Well Be Happy

Listened to a guided meditation the other day and one line stood out: “You are a lighthouse.” Love the image. We can all be the ones to provide guidance and warnings to others, just like the lighthouse serves to warn and guide ships. It seems timely to think of this image as we need to pass along information on cleanliness, keeping ourselves and others safe, not denying what is really going on. This is on the practical level, and on another level, we are beacons of light when we are pure in mind with no agenda, only to do what is best for ourselves and others. 

Coming from that space within and visualizing it as a beacon of light that connects all of us—one to another—is powerful. We are not alone. No one is an island. And if we are all connected, then how can we do anything to hurt another? How can we not be considerate?  Greed and selfishness are being uncovered and they are becoming not popular. People are coming together for the good health of humanity and Mother Earth, both physically and spiritually. This is the gift in all of this, and it is so sad to me that something catastrophic has to happen to uncover the bad and bring forth the good. I suppose it has always been that way in history. 

Things didn’t come to a screeching halt like in Rockaway’s last life-changing event, but more like a slow roll down a hill then STOP. STOP and WHAT? Adjust. Adapt. Call upon your Flexibility—not physical flexibility, more like in the mind. Be Creative. Free Your Mind. Let the Fear Go. And think about how you can be the light for someone else and someone else and someone else. Kindness, Compassion, Fortitude, Love, Genuine Support, Humaneness, Truthfulness.

At the end of yoga classes, breath practices, meditations, we say to each other “Namaste,” which means “the light in me bows to the light in you” or “I bow to the divine in you.” It is a Hindu greeting that people say when they meet or depart. When I greet you, I bow to the divinity in you—it is not religious; it reinforces the connection of all beings and the divine light or spiritual light within each of us... It is not out there, it is in here inside. Not divisive—but, unifying. It is time to change for the better. We can all be taking a step back and feel the unity on a global level—not just on our blocks, in our communities, in our cities, in our states, in our countries, but everywhere.  That is very powerful to me and that image of all being one, along with “you are a lighthouse” is what we need to heal in harmony. 

May you be happy.  May you be free.  May you be compassionate.  May you be grateful.  May you let go of things that do not serve you.  May you have inner peace. 

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