Uncharted Waters

Be Well Be Happy

How are you all feeling in this time of uncharted waters?  Hopefully, you are not drowning but rather staying afloat, knowing we are all here for you. We are all aware of how necessary it is to social distance and follow the CDC guidelines to be safe and provide safety for others. Now more than ever, we need to pay attention and be respectful of the rules that help to minimize sickness.

My intention in this column is to help you find the reset button in your life in some way or form to help you endure this quarantine. Now is the time to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Being human allows us to feel a wave of emotions each morning upon waking up. Some are getting up to go to work to care for our basic needs, others are saving lives every day. Many are able to sleep later and start a new routine.  Hopefully, one that better serves you. Many have lost love ones in this pandemic. My deepest condolences. I wish you healing and peace while you grieve.

Solitude, community, loneliness are three words that describe this time in our lives. What are you feeling during this phase of shelter in?  With solitude, one can reflect and begin to make positive changes to live a more meaningful life. 

If you have never been in solitude away from social activities, this can be a nurturing time for you. Perhaps you are a reader, meditator, spiritual, listener, talker, or media person. Are you spending time that promotes self-care? Perhaps you feel lonely and that is totally normal. How can you reach out to someone who can help you? Do you have family or friends that could lend a listening ear for a few moments?

This is the time to be in the community, to support and help one another get through our collective suffering. Now more than ever, we need to have empathy and compassion for one another.

Today is a beautiful rainy, peaceful day. I know I am blessed to live in a home with love and security. This is a time when we will see and feel how the earth breathes and supports us. Choosing to be positive, I light Palo Santo incense every day in my home to clear the energy. I surround myself in crystals, candles and photos of my family, present and past. I create a beautiful sanctuary to practice my yoga with my community, this resets me every day. I feel safe, protected and loved.

We meditate with a breath practice to help settle us into our seat. Close your eyes, listen to the sound of your breath. Zoom in your focus to the sound of your breath. Call in a personal intention. Today, I am praying for a sick friend. I set an intention for grounding, clarity, calm and courage. Visualize a diamond shape light coming in from above your head. This diamond light pours down your entire physical body; it is healing and light in weight, it clears disruptive energy, allowing the light to dissolve and rain down upon you. It begins to ground down into the earth, dropping the cord of light into the earth. Breathe into your energy, surrounding yourself with this beautiful golden light.

May you be happy, may you be safe, may you be healthy, and may all beings everywhere live with ease.

By Hellen Kilgallen

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