Detach and Listen

Be Well Be Happy

With extreme changes come unexpected gifts. With great difficulties come great opportunities. Trying to keep the positive spin going as we move forward day after day. The only way to go, stopping the stories inside our heads that bring us to an unhappy place. And taking the time to really think about what is going on. 

There have been some positives as a result of the “pauses” like cleaner air, for one.  Harmful emissions have been so diminished that people are seeing things they never saw before. We can only hope that our elected officials will take this as a starting point and make the decisions necessary for our planet to continue to heal. We can think about what we can do to increase the healing, one by one in our own small world. Every single act will have an effect.  If we are conscious of that on a moment-by-moment basis day-by-day, we will contribute to a wholesome approach to the longevity of our planet. So, give it some thought and pass it around. 

Now to the subject of this column: practicing withdrawing from the senses and listening to the inner voice. This is actually one of the “limbs of yoga,” sort of a bridge between the physical practices like breathwork and moving through poses and the “way of living” practices, but whether we connect this to yoga or not doesn’t matter. Thinking about getting away from the things that work against us out of desire or addiction, like eating or drinking things regularly that do not serve us and engaging the mind with too much stupid conflicting media events, becoming aware of sensory overload. 

Then we become quiet and still, we get to a place of peace. All sorts of things arise.  We can control what we want to think about; we can push out the broken record recordings.  And we can begin to ask questions of ourselves related to the meaning of our own lives.  Detaching from the bs and listening to the inner voice—as a practice, not just as a one-time 15-minute happening. Taking stock of who, what, where, when, how and deciding to move forward, either in the same way or to make some changes, whatever they may be. A fresh start.  A new beginning. Getting in touch with our life’s purpose and not just doing and doing a lot of things that add up to nothing! 

I can tell you it takes time and maybe we may never define it to our satisfaction, but it is a great journey to be on. Visualize the elephant/boy deity who swings his trunk from side to side, pushing any obstacles that are in the way. Strip away the shoulds, coulds, musts, ares, woulds. Create that comfortable steady place that is yours alone and then listen to your inner voice.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you be compassionate. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. 

By Paulette Mancuga 

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