Super Powers Can Be Yours

Be Well Be Happy

Each day we wake up with a new emotion. It feels surreal that we are still in quarantine and so many people are divided. So much to learn and not enough time. Or are we timeless? This pandemic has been really terrible for everyone but especially for the souls who died from it.  

At times it’s hard to find my grounding and my heart grows heavy when I hear of all the losses. How can we be in service to those suffering and not deplete our own energies? The human super powers are patience, kindness, gratitude and compassion. This requires going deep to your inner world to find what each and every one of us were born with: deep peace and love. There is no question we are here to serve one another.

My awareness of the now brings me to a special place. This universal pause has forced us to stay home, sit, be still, at times to do absolutely nothing, pray for universal healing and take better care of our families.

Over and over, you will hear us write about the breath. Perhaps because it is the one thing that is always with us and when you really stay with your breath, there is magical relaxation into your own being. You will experience a release of pain and anxiety when simply focusing on your breath. This is an opportunity to linger and rest in your space. Be patient and trust your journey. 

If you struggle with your breath, then maybe bring in the sounds you hear or a “mantra” that trains your mind to stay where you are. “All you have in this moment is this breath. Allow, accept and welcome each one like a vibrant breath in the tapestry of who you are.

As you become more present, your super powers will be easier to access. With patience comes kindness. Remind yourself, everything is temporary, including this life and situation. Kindness can lead to compassion for yourself and all beings everywhere. Gratitude is everything. Be grateful for this moment. It seems out of chaos comes order. Our world desperately needs order. We need to stay together to heal fully. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that we are all in this together.

There is a story about friends preparing to dive off a 10-meter diving board and how each individual will approach it differently. Some will be very timid and tip toe to the edge, others will be very confident and run ahead to dive off and yet others will refuse to jump off at all. It’s all a process for each person. No one can force you to do something that is just too scary for you at this time. Slow down and find what works best for yourself.

“I choose to live rather than exist.” My dear neighbor Joan Moors always says to me along with, “go with the flow.” We are blessed in so many ways, being able to slow down and do nothing. I have found a heightened awareness of love and kindness everywhere. It’s a long journey but I hope you choose to dance when the time comes to reenter in our beautiful world.

May you find your superpowers. May you be kind, compassionate, patient and grateful. Take a deep breath in and let it go! May our hearts join together as we learn to dive off the 10-meter board with a fearless heart.

By Helen Kilgallen

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