Bikes and People

Be Well Be Happy

 Dear Editor:

For the last couple of weeks, I have read in this paper that bike riders on the boardwalk are going way too fast and are a danger to non-bicyclists. I wholeheartedly agree. That some bicyclists are travelling way to fast. That there is danger of serious injury if they hit someone and the Parks Department or the police should do something before someone gets hurt.

But I have to ask, why isn’t the Parks Department or the police doing something about all the people walking in groups, with strollers, with little children or just standing in a group in the designated bike lanes? I walked the boardwalk late Saturday afternoon from Beach 88th to 107th, back to Beach 94th and it was like there were no bike lanes. Those bicyclists who tried to ride in the bike lane couldn’t because there were so many non-bikers in the bike lanes. 

This a recipe for disaster. With warmer weather and coronavirus beach rules, there will be more and more people using the boardwalk and the likelihood of an accident or people acting out will only increase. And I fear the people of Rockaway could lose another pleasure of living in the Rockaways.

Mark Eidinger





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