Be Well Be Happy

Celebrate this, your moment of being alive. 

Looking back on the past four months, I have moments of disbelief. How could all of this have happened? How many people have been directly affected? How heavy is the collective grief? And no matter how much we try, conversations always turn back to this new reality and the uncertainty of the immediate future. There were many more stories of “silver linings” when we were in the thick of it here, which really brought hope and momentary relief day by day. Now, we are coasting and that never really feels great - neither here nor there.  What is to come? What is the right thing to do? 

Uncertainty on this level is very, very disconcerting. But we can always remedy the way we think and react. Now is the time to count our blessings from simple to grand. We post on Instagram our yoga classes every day for the next day along with a thought provoking quote or amazing photo. One recent post had many, many more likes than any other. “I woke up. I have clothes to wear. I have running water. I have food to eat. Life is good. I am thankful.” That overwhelming response suggests to me that people want to focus on the positive and just maybe need to be reminded. The feeling of gratitude taken deeply into the heart is a life saver.  Being grateful for simple pleasures puts a positive spin on everything inside. When you continuously practice this, you will notice the corners of your mouth lifting up for no apparent reason.   

And to bring into practice everyday celebration. Celebrate every day even if it means just saying to ourselves: “today I celebrate the sunshine,” or “today I celebrate feeling good,” or “today I celebrate taking a walk” —whatever it may be. Simple pleasures to focus on and celebrate. By using the word “celebrate,” it brings the intention and the feelings we have associated with that word to our inner workings. I can not say enough— and I know I often do in this column— changing the language we speak to ourselves can change how we feel every single day. Acknowledging to ourselves the things we have, the people we have in our lives, brings a sense of “this life, my life, can be ok.” 

Now is the time to free the heart, let all intentions and worries stop, free the joy inside the self, awaken to the wonder of your life. Open your eyes and see the friends whose hearts recognize your face as kin, those whose kindness watchful and near, encourages you to live everything here. See the gifts the years have given, things your effort could never earn, the health to enjoy who you want to be and the mind to mirror mystery. - John O'Donohue

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you be compassionate.  May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. 

 By Paulette Mancuga 

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