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Be Well Be Happy

 Rumi the medieval poet wrote, “What you seek is seeking you.” I think of this as I sit each morning. What is it I would like to embody today? What is my intention as I walk through my day? How can I be a vessel of blessing for someone else who may be struggling? Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with the ever-increasing demands of our jobs, family and life. We are living through an unprecedented time of great suffering with the pandemic and all the uncertainty. Every day a new piece of news comes across our phones, computers and TVs in alerts in real time.

Most of us seem to live in a state of constant fear and anxiety. A contracted state of being that shuts down our heart and minds. It is completely understandable. We are living through a cultural, social, economic and political revolution where we are being asked to unlearn old patterns and relearn new ones. Finding some calm, clarity and courage to face these challenging times can start with what seems to be so simple and elementary, our intention.

Every emotion we feel starts with a thought. The unconscious universal mind is Life, Love, Wisdom, Health and an Abundance. We can bring forth these positive attributes in our life through reflection, prayer and intention. In the morning, tune in to yourself first before the hum of the news stream and all our responsibilities pull us away from our real true selves. Try to empty yourself first of the habitual negative thoughts, the unworthiness, shame, regret and guilt, if even for a moment, so you can fill up with light and love in order to summon the creative forces that give birth to calm, clarity, courage, compassion. This is my morning intention, but it can be anything that you want to draw near to you… love, peace, healing, joy, acceptance.

A sense of gratefulness for all the good in our lives which can bring a sense of expansiveness and connection to spirit. It has been said that prayer is when we talk with God, or the universe, however you see that lovelight, and meditation is when we hear the answer back in that quiet stillness. Start in a comfortable seated position, feet on ground and lengthen through your back and begin to follow the breath to quiet the mind body. Try breathing through the nose. This one-pointed focus will quiet the ever-chatty mind and bring you to this present moment.

We live most of our lives in the past with regret or the future with anxiety we miss out on the very life right in front of us! Every time the mind goes back into that default mode of negativity, do not push it away. Even our dark emotions can lead us toward the light. Put your hand on your heart and with self compassion, gently walk it back to focus on the breath then bring an intention into your mind’s eye and repeat.

This faithful quiet presence will help cultivate a sense of inner peace, wonder, curiosity and resilience when we suffer and face adversity. Plant the seeds of love, goodness, and compassion and those seeds will grow and reveal themselves in our life. As you send out that vibration of love the universe answers in kind. What you sow, you shall reap. It’s a universal law. What you seek is seeking you! The universe conspires on your behalf!

Namaste! The light in me recognizes the light in you.

 By Kathy Pastina

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