Coming Home to Yourself

Be Well Be Happy

It’s been a long five months of being home and yet it is comforting to have a safe, loving home to live in. These past few months have been thought provoking for me in so many ways, as I am sure they have been for you. So many disappointments and losses and yet we have learned to cope and survive with so much less in our lives. Perhaps you have found your way home to yourself in a very deep and healing way. If not, come with me on this journey called Life.

Home is where is the heart is! We have heard this phrase many times and yet not everyone has a loving home to return to. My heart breaks for you and how I wish we all could live in a space that offers us love and security. My home hasn’t always been inward. For many years, I was always on the go, searching, seeking and yearning for more.  When my children were young, they were signed up for every sport such as swimming, soccer, baseball, hockey, football, basketball, and volleyball!

Crazy, when I think back to all the running around we did as parents so that our children could excel and stay out of trouble. My father once said to me, “slow down Helen, you are missing the whole point of life.” I had no idea what he was talking about until years later when we slowed down. Our family dinners, vacations and time together would be memories of a time of love and affection for one another. We would appreciate the small things in life. Home is a place they return to where they can truly feel themselves and be at ease. They know they are loved and supported and can be who are they are in the safe haven of our home.

Your sanctuary is within and always full of love and hope. Certainly, over the years I have developed a practice of prayer and intention leading me to this revelation of clarity. No matter where you live or how much you are suffering, you can find a home within your inner landscape. It’s deep and miraculous.

In many ways, I thank my mom and dad for instilling a deep faith within me. “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” - Rumi. How blessed you will be if you begin to live from within. You are  open and full of love. We all have the capacity to live with ease and be at home within ourselves. Breathing in, I am loved, breathing out, I am home. When I come home to myself, I live free of disease.

“May all that is unforgiven in you, be released. May your fears yield their deepest tranquilities. May all that is unlived in you, blossom into a future, graced with love.”

- John O’Donohue

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