The Obstacle  is the Path

Be Well Be Happy

Life is not easy. That being said, why do we struggle when we are thrown a curve ball? Do we expect too much or are we resistant to the difficulties that comes with life itself?  Maybe you are one of the few people who live in a rose garden with no sorrows or sufferings. If so, you are above and beyond blessed. Perhaps you could shed some light on how you removed the obstacles in your way. 

In this life, there will always be struggles. It is impossible to be human and perfect. There is no such thing. We all have some hurdles to overcome, however, it is how we move forward and remove the barriers that separate us.

I have been taught that the obstacle is our teacher. It has been put there intentionally and it is part of our journey. Therefore, complaining or dwelling on this difficult moment does more harm than good. If we learn how to navigate the path with ease and acceptance, we can change the course at any time. It takes a lot of courage and determination. Knowing thyself is your highest gift. Furthermore, you will learn how to graciously remove the obstacles in your way. Knowing that the impediments are our greatest lessons and will teach us how to live a life of joy and happiness. 

Sickness, financial problems, relationships, failures in business, etc., they are all useful obstacles that help enlighten and teach us how to live our lives fully. The path changes many times, but the destiny is the same. How you walk through life, meeting and greeting people along the way makes all the difference. 

Complaining does not help, in fact it can dig you deeper down into the hole you have fell into. Dwelling on the negative only increases the negativity. Take time to see the beauty around you.  

My mom, Mary Tully Timlin, would have been 93 years old September 6. She passed away over 30 years ago. It was one of the most painful things to lose my dear mother and it took many years to heal. She would not be there for most of our weddings, children, etc.

Yet, after many years of grief and loss, my family was able to see this major obstacle as a lesson that taught us how fragile life can be and truly not to sweat the small stuff. 

What is truly important in your life and how can you live a life worth living? What are you passionate about? Are there any major obstacles that come up again and again? If today was your last day to live, how would you live it?

Stay on the path. Be good to yourself and others. This one crazy life we have is gift. It’s not an easy road to travel and yet there are so many blessings. Choose to be positive and let go of all the worries of doom that may never even happen. We have this one life!

By Helen Kilgallen

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