The Power of Intention

Be Well Be Happy

I have been thinking about the power of intention lately and just by chance I picked up a deck of inspirational cards and the card I picked was the author relaying something he read about the effect of group meditation on crime. After some googling, I found it.  

“Washington meditation project reverses violent crime trend by 23.3%.”  ( In the summer of 1993, during an almost two-month period, through the power of group meditation, there was a remarkable effect on the city. They investigated if there were any other variables, and found none. Crime was reduced. 

I was amazed and not surprised. What a magnificent example of coming together, positivity, peacefulness and collective energy consciousness. It was an extremely concentrated effort on the part of all of those individuals during that time. Their lives stopped - they concentrated their energies on positively reducing violence in the area embraced by the breadth of the group. The result is astounding.

What can we take from this occurrence? We have lives to live, people to see, work to do, meals to cook, nurturing to do, bedtime stories to read, lunches to pack, flights to catch, shopping to do, support to give, and on and on. How do we stop on a daily basis to project intentions to better our community, our families, our circle, ourselves?

I know that when we internalize a hope, a feeling, an intention over and over again, it manifests. Maybe not in the timeframe that we want, or in the exact way we want, but the shift happens. The positive intention causes shift and change. What would you like to shift in your life?  What do you want to change?

 It took the power of a multitude of people to make a multitude of change in Washington DC; it will take the power of you to make a single change in you. It will take the power of you to make a positive change in your circle. It will take the power of you to make a positive change in your family. It will take the power of you to make a positive change in your community.

The energy of positive change follows the positive intention. It is as simple as that.  Positive intentions help us to find the answers to things. If we are dealing with an illness or a heart wrenching problem or an emotional upset, conjuring up positive language, repeating it inside or out loud eventually changes the perspective causing us to see the issue in a different way, possibly moving away from it or finding an answer in a non-conventional place. The same is true for those around us. When we circle around and around in the negative thoughts and connotations, it only hinders us from understanding and living harmoniously. Harmony is ecstasy and bliss. 

Living with the intention to be in harmony with ourselves, inner circle, family and community will bring joy and peace. 

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. (This is a reprint of a column from 2018).

By  Paulette Mancuga 

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