Be Well Be Happy

One day of rest per week.  

When I grew up, Sunday was a day of rest.  Maybe not as completely for my Mom, but somewhat so, for sure.  The whole day had a different feel than the other six days.

No stores were open, except for the bakery early in the morning.  There were no places to go.  Can you imagine not being able to buy anything except a loaf of “Italian” bread?   Supermarket?  No. Malls?  No.  Of course, there was no need or desire for more and more.  The retail explosion along with all of its urgent advertising, gradually took hold.  And now we have every option to do any thing even on a Sunday.

Sometimes on Sundays, tho­ugh, I get that feeling of ease here in Rockaway. Even though the stores are open and people are about, it is a little less hectic, a little less rushed.  Maybe that’s because in good weather, the ocean pulls us towards the beach to sit and socialize and swim and walk.  It feels more relaxed.  And that’s the key: to relax. 

Rather than spread everything out over a 7-day period, just keep one day free of chores, shopping, etc.  Or maybe even a half day.  You’d be surprised that you really can get everything done that has to get done if you plan it over a shorter span.  If the supermarket wasn’t open on Sunday, for example, or a Saturday, or whatever day you choose to be your “relaxation day,” you would shop another day. If the mall or specialty store wasn’t open on your “day of rest,” you would buy that gift on another day. 

We can definitely manage our lives with a conscious effort and live according to what will make us well and happy.  Rather than allowing the outside world to dictate what to do when, we can choose to just relax and take some resting time.  That may be spending time on a hobby, reading about something you’re interested in, watching a movie, cooking/baking, taking a restorative yoga workshop or a regular class - whatever makes you happy.  And if you don’t know what would make you happy, start by investigating that!  Life for some, especially with children and elderly parents, is so hectic; sometimes we lose sight of what can make that “inner smile” come forth.

What would make you happy? What uncomplicated experience that you can give yourself will make you happy?  It is as simple as that.  And keep on doing it over and over whenever you can.  I try to take some time on Sundays, probably because of my childhood experience – somehow it is ingrained.  Even if I do laundry or another chore for a very short time on that day, I do make it a point to take some time to relax.  I like to cook, I like to go on my mat and explore my inner yoga practice, I like to sit and watch the ocean.  Sometimes, during the “wakeful medication” like watching the ocean, many thoughts come flowing through and sometimes understanding of a situation that is complex. So, there are added benefits too. The main objective, though, is to take that time to relax and enjoy!

May you be happy.  May you be free.  May you be grateful.  May you let go of things that do not serve you.  May you have inner peace.

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