Simplicity is Key

Be Well Be Happy

Finding the inspiration to write this column doesn’t always come so easy to me. In fact, if it doesn’t come to me naturally, it is impossible for me to create the column. Since we live by the ocean, I often find my inspiration from nature and the amazing world we live in. Finding the beauty in any moment and place is something that always inspires me. The ability to do this can really save us and brings us out of darkness in these very difficult times. Today I am grateful for the sun, waves and family. Anne Frank said, “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” If Anne Frank could find beauty, then certainly we can find it.

We are all challenged, so perhaps finding balance in our lives will help open the lids of our eyes to the magnificence around us. Quieting the brain and letting go of the chaos we are exposed to on a daily basis allows us to see the beauty we are surrounded by.

Turn off the news, tune out of the craziness and nonsense and tune into the beauty. Simplicity is key to survival. Nature and a relationship with another human being helps to remind us how blessed we truly are.

Close your eyes and find your seat. Connect to your stability below you, around you and the magnificent earth. Spine long, find your beautiful breath. Entering the noise, filling the belly, expanding through the body. Sweep out that which doesn’t serve you. 

Square breathing, inhale to count of four, hold breath for four, exhale four, hold breath out for four. If this count doesn’t work for you, then change the count. This breath brings you balance and stability. Sometimes, the first couple of tries will be challenging so stick with it. Eventually, you begin to calm the nervous system and decrease stress, bringing you deeper into your body.

Notice the sensations you begin to feel. Holding the breath can shift your perspective, it can help us recognize our own capacity to expand. This breath can teach us we can expand past whatever is troubling you. The window you create with the breath gets cleared through the lens of your eyes. Only beauty can enter this square. What do you see? How does beauty make you feel? How does seeing beauty impact the rest of your sensors? Breathe into the beauty within yourself.  You are peace, you are beauty, you are simply divine.

When you find beauty within, you begin to see it all around you. Tuning into the beauty within, always there, you are simply tapping into it. Connecting to the energy within.

Things that inspire me and make me happy: full moon, morning light, waves of the ocean, my family, and our community at Ocean Bliss Yoga. Connecting to the heart, you begin to expand into that beautiful space. Perhaps peeling away the layers of protection that you no longer need. Take time to slow down and see what is right in front of you. Life is a gift. We are here to live in now, fully and completely. Be well, be happy and live in the beauty.

 By Helen Kilgallen

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