The Rest I Make Up

Be Well Be Happy

Maria Irene Fornes was a famous Cuban born playwright. She passed away on October 30, 2018. I was unaware of who she was until someone mentioned, “The Rest I Make Up,” referring to a beautiful documentary about her wonderful life. She taught writers how to become unstuck when they experienced writer’s block. She encouraged people to be who they are and go with the flow of their lives, not to be afraid to make mistakes and have courage and believe in themselves. She never cared what the critics wrote. 

“I am myself. Being an artist is not a way of earning a living but rather a way of living a life.” Maria liked to be called Irene. In the documentary, she is being filmed in the midst of dementia, but she proudly announces, “I am who I am.”

Imagine a world where we accepted each other for exactly who we are. The clothes we choose to wear are not fashion-driven but rather personal preference. We didn’t plug into social media on a daily basis to check in. We choose to have the freedom to be who we are. Feelings of insecurity are non-existent because we support one another for our uniqueness. Our goal in life is to be happy and content, living from a place of gratitude for all that we have.

What if we decided to live from our heart’s desire and let go of what others think we should be? You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. You just have to be yourself. So often we are revealing only a small part of our precious lives because we are afraid of what someone thinks about us. Life is meant to be fully lived. No regrets. Let go of what you think your life should be. Just live your life and flow effortlessly. Many of us are not able to live fully with the growing concerns of Covid but perhaps we learn to live with more simply. Less traveling, less socialization, less of everything!

Be present in the now. Cultivate a new relationship with your inner life. The landscape is vast and expansive. When we work from the inside out we feel grounded and supported. We let go of expectations and judgments being able to connect to something higher than ourselves.

I love the title of the documentary, “The Rest I Make Up.” Often, we do that in life itself. We have a plan and then we suddenly begin to make it up as we go along.

 For example, in our yoga classes, we have learned to teach livestream with our students on the iPad screen. Never in a million years would I have thought we would implement this plan, but it was necessary to stay connected to our students. We developed a logical plan to hold classes for our community. We typically flow with the energy in the room but we would learn to adapt with our new teaching platform. 

It is not a performance but rather a practice of connecting to one another and helping people stay grounded and positive. Learning to teach people to become unstuck in their bodies, minds and spirits. Do not try to change who you are rather embrace your spirit. Laugh often, be kind, be free, be you! It is liberating and authentic. I beg you to live a life worth living. Do not let anyone judge you and tell you how to live your life. You have one crazy life to live. Live it well.

By  Helen Kilgallen

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