Letting Go of the Past

Be Well Be Happy

There is so much freedom and joy when we learn the path of least resistance by simply letting go of the past and any judgements or self- sabotage. I am speaking about healing yourself internally by releasing your deepest thoughts and pains. I don’t fully understand why there is so much sickness and mental anguish but what I do know is how to turn inward and clear out the cluttered spaces.

Taking a journey to a sacred ground where ancestors have lived off the land long before we were alive is a special treat. I will tell you a story about my recent travels upstate in our beautiful state of New York. Travelling with two beautiful souls who were also seekers of peace and happiness. I am forever indebted for their kindness and support. They do not even know how they opened their hearts to me fully and unconditionally.

We traveled to a retreat home designed like a long house on the top of a hill overlooking the forest. Light on a Hill is in the Finger Lakes.  A very small, intimate group of ten women from all walks of life would spend three nights together in this beautiful long house. The retreat leader is one of the most special teachers you will ever meet. When you look into her eyes, she holds her gaze upon you, giving you her full loving attention. She is humble, gentle, kind and full of light. She sings, plays music, reads poetry and organically moves into yoga poses. The words, divine grace, comes to mind when I think of her.

She is a healer who will teach guided meditation throughout our stay, encouraging us to rest, relax and let go. Taking this inward journey will magically heal all of the retreaters. The title of the retreat is, “The Treasure Found.” So many blessings and outrageous beauty. Below is one of the many poems our retreat leader will read to us while we are laying on our backs in a yoga pose.

“Sometimes my soul feels itself to be in great exile from its homeland but then I remember my mother tongue is the poetry my heart is so fluent in, its dialect, laughter and tears my other native language is rising early to praise all the great things the sun falls upon.

My national song is a geyser of joy hitting the highest notes of ecstasy and breaking every glass ceiling in the mind once trapped God inside.

My anthem is the feisty love parade that marches gaily from my heart to yours, my religion is the untying of old knots that once kept my soul hitched to rigidity and smallness and my doctrine is whatever comes after that when the soul’s full range of movement is restored.

My flag is every mood of the moon that reflects my inmost heart.  My ancestry is the collection of radiance from morning dew passed down by blades of grass as they stand vigil in silent reverence to be part of wonderment of receiving the ancient inheritance of each new morning.

My DNA is the encrypted love notes written in the luminous ink from the stars, my soul is an ancient heritage of love songs from God and whatever it is I’m doing here, has mostly to do with pledging allegiance to that great anthem. Whatever I ‘m doing here has mostly to do with expressing my devotion for the borderless birthplace deep in my chest where beauty again and again takes her first breath.”  - Chelan Harkin

May you be broken open to the beauty that surrounds you and is within you.

 By Helen Kilgallen

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