Living from a Spiritual Heart

Be Well Be Happy

Before sitting down to write the column, I decided to clean our windows. Truthfully, because we will be sitting inside as the cooler weather arrives and you can’t help but see the accumulation of dirt.  There is nothing like sparkling clean windows. This simply task brought back memories of my dear Mom cleaning all thirteen windows in Brooklyn on our 2nd floor apartment, sitting on the ledge! She took pride in her beautiful home while raising seven children in a five-bedroom apartment. We thought we lived in paradise with love, happiness and a strong faith. Mom and Dad were powerful spiritual beings who believed in helping the poor. 

This simple task of cleaning windows also brought me to the theme for today’s column, Polishing the Mirror of our spiritual heart!  Ram Dass wrote a beautiful book all about being here now with our spiritual being. “Polishing the mirror, this process of reflecting on ourselves by witnessing and by bringing our external life into harmony with our true being, resolves when we identify full with our soul.” 

Life is better with a strong spirituality, physical presence and community. Walking the beach with my beautiful daughter she shares this insight from her good friend. What is a life without community, spirituality and physical well- being? How can we help others who don’t have what we possess? Isn’t the point to share what you make in life?  So often we close off to the people around us to protect what is ours when the point is to give what we can. Charity begins in the home.

“The game of enlightenment starts from exactly where you are in your life at this moment.” Where are you in life at this time? Can you be present with what is here now or do you seek more? Offering it up to God is what my mom always instilled in our family. We were blessed to have devotion and joy in our lives. Humor was always displayed in our home sometimes at the expense of one another. Of course, we accepted this as building character and strength. Truly, it made us feel seen and loved. We still have lots of laughter whenever we get together at family parties. There is always love and affection for one another.

As I scrubbed my windows, I thought to myself, life is about shedding the layers that build up within our heart’s space. Each day is an opportunity to release what builds up in the body and mind. Perhaps taking time to do the ordinary tasks will lead to thoughts of deeper understanding of what in your life needs to be polished. It’s not exactly an external job but rather deeply internal. It will take time. Go slow.  We have only this moment. May you find contentment in your life and reach out to those who feel empty in spirit. 

“How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise we all remain too frightened.”  ~Hafiz

 By Helen Kilgallen

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