The U.S. population is aging, and with it is an increasing prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, which lacks effective approaches for prevention or a cure. Many people are concerned about their loved ones or they themselves developing dementia, and so they often independently seek out information and material about brain health interventions. Unfortunately, not all sources contain verified, high-quality medical information. As anyone who has accessed the internet for information knows, not all sites contain truthful or accurate information. In the landscape of limited treatments for dementia, wide access to information has brought about a troubling rise in what some experts have described as “pseudomedicine.” This term refers to supplements

The thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck and is responsible for controlling many body functions including the functioning of other endocrine glands and lipid levels. Measurement of thyroid function requires a blood test for levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and thyroxin (T4), otherwise known as thyroid hormone. When the brain detects low levels of T4 it secretes more TSH in order to have the thyroid gland make more T4. Screening for thyroid function should also include

The human body is an amazing but very complicated organic machine. For this reason and others, doctors and healthcare professionals never stop learning about it. Most states require those with professional licenses, like doctors and nurses, to show proof of learning when applying for and renewing their licenses. For doctors, it’s called CME, short for continuing medical education. This is one of the reasons I enjoy writing this column. Most of my columns come from articles in medical journals

Recent years have seen dramatic increases in the incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases, and obesity. Several months ago, a microbiologist from NYU Langone published an interesting theory to explain the rising disease rates. His theory is that the loss of diversity in the bacteria that live in our intestinal tract is to blame, and the cause is the use and overuse of antibiotics. More than 40 percent of U.S. adults are obese, and almost three-fourths are obese

Breast concerns account for about three percent of female visits to a primary care provider. The most common symptoms accounting for these visits are breast lumps and breast pain. Because breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women in the United States, affecting one in eight women over their lifetime, women with breast problems often fear the worst. However, studies have shown that only about 3.5 percent of women reporting a concern have cancer; most problems are benign. Evaluation of

It has been 40 years since the federal government first suggested that everyone except young children should opt for low-fat or nonfat dairy products over high-fat products. This recommendation was based on the overall goal of reducing saturated fat and calorie intake. A decade later, U.S. sales of low-fat and skim milk exceeded sales of whole milk for the first time. In 2010, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act required schools to follow dietary recommendations and replace whole milk with nonfat

In 2000, the United States achieved elimination of endemic measles (no reported cases in legal U.S. residents). This was accomplished by very high coverage of measles vaccinations, robust surveillance, coordination of rigorous outbreak (defined as six or more reported cases) responses, and increased measles control in other countries. Controlling the disease in other countries was coordinated by the World Health Organization. The accomplishment of elimination in the U.S. is unfortunately being

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