Jamaica Bay Softball League Week 6 Recap


The streak was almost finally over. Twenty-plus years of Mudshark dominance over the Orioles and it continued Sunday. On Field 1 the Orioles were up five runs in the 6th inning of Game 1 then blew their lead and lost 10-9. They were done after that and lost Game 2 by the mercy rule. Over on Field 2, Old Head broke their losing streak and won both against the Member Berries, 16-4 and 8-6. No games were played on Field 3 as the Moneyballs won by forfeit against the Chuggernauts. Late game action had The Army breaking their four game skid, sweeping the No-Shows 13-1 and 12-3. In the only set of games that wasn't a sweep, Kings won Game 1, 19-11, and then the Knights of Columbus won Game 2, 10-7. The Misfits blew their lead in the 7th and Morning Wood won, 12-10, and then won Game 2, 10-4. The three teams in the West are almost set for the playoffs, but the East is up for grabs. With only three weeks left, this is what we have on the schedule this Sunday, July 23.

9:30 a.m. Field 1, Misfits vs Mudsharks

- In the past this matchup would be a blowout but this is a new Misfit team. Mudsharks are still hoping to grab the one seed in the West as the Misfits are trying to hold on to a spot in East. PREDICTION: Split.

9:30 a.m. Field 2, Orioles vs Morning Wood

- An East division matchup of the 1st place team and the last place team. The hearts of the Orioles were ripped out Sunday so who knows who shows up Sunday for them. Morning Wood has made easy work of the Orioles in the past. These should be two quick games. PREDICTION: Morning Wood Sweep.

9:30 a.m. Field 3, The Army vs Old Head

- Both of these teams swept last Sunday and kept their playoff chances alive. Old Head are three games back of that last spot and The Army are just a .5 game out. The loser can probably put a fork in their chances for the playoffs as the winner will keep their season going. PREDICTION: Split

11:30 a.m. Field 1, Moneyballs vs Kings ***Game of the Week***

- This is a possible West Division Final as the 1st and 2nd place teams square off. With a sweep, the Moneyballs can lock up the one seed but if the Kings sweep they will take over 1st. This should be two very good games with plenty of trash talking. PREDICTION: Moneyballs Sweep.

11:30 a.m. Field 2, Knights of Columbus vs Chuggernauts

- After not showing up last week, who knows if the Chuggers will show up this week. The Knights are holding on to the last spot in the East but still have a chance at 1st. PREDICTION: Knights of Columbus Sweep.

11:30 a.m. Field 3, Member Berries vs No-Shows

- Both of these teams are five games back of 3rd place in the West. Their season hangs on by a thread. No-Shows are on the verge of missing the post season for the first time ever. Look for Richie to rally the troops. PREDICTION: Split.



1. Morning Wood                9-3

2. Misfits                                6-4

3. Knights of Columbus     7-5

4. The Army                         5-4-1

5. Old Head                          3-7

6. Orioles                               1-11


1. Moneyballs                       12-0

2. Kings                                 8-2

3. Mudsharks                        8-4

4. Member Berries               3-8-1

5. No-Shows                         3-9

6. Chuggernauts                   2-10

The league is running a 50/50 raffle for $5 a chance. Proceeds will be donated to the Broad Channel Athletic Club Mardi Gras Fund. See any team or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for tickets. Winner will be drawn at our All-Star Game on August 5.

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