Getting Wacky on the Waves


Locals Surf School's second annual Foam-Top Frenzy was a huge success! After some crazy weather last season, this year’s event was moved to July to accommodate a larger crowd of spectators and hecklers alike. Everyone enjoyed weather in the high 80’s and clean waves in the 2-3ft range, perfect conditions for a frenzy.

The rules were simple — no “real” surfboards allowed. Competitors were encouraged to ride soft-top surfboards or an alternative craft that resembled a surf board. There were also no typical competition rules of man-on-man heats where points are scored for each successful ride. Instead, there were simply three awards given out of over the whole competition for best wave, best wipeout, and best alternative craft. This made for a much more relaxed environment where people of all skills levels were encouraged to join with the simple goal of having fun.

Right from the start the competition brought about many laughs as people attempted funny moves, crashed into each other and rode countless party waves. After the victors were crowned, everyone headed over to Rockaway’s newest bar, Epstein’s Beach, for the after party. Once again, Locals Surf School and Red Bull were very happy to put on another fun event for the surf community and look forward to more in the future!

Photos by Daria Huxley.

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