Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General? And that the U.S. Postal Service traces its roots right back to the days of the Revolutionary War? And in fact, it is one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the U.S. Constitution?

There are over 617,000 employees of the USPS, making it the third largest employer in the U.S., only behind the federal government and Walmart. The USPS operates the largest vehicle fleet in the U.S., if not the world, and is said to deliver more than 150 billon pieces of mail annually through its 31,500 post office locations.

So, it was alarming to find out that mail that I put in a mailbox simply never got to its destination. Over my 60 years here in the U.S., I always

I’ve spent a lot of time in this column extolling the virtues of the mermaid population in Rockaway Beach, and rightfully so. And while I occasionally mention mermen here and there, I do not give any ink to the Pirates of the Peninsula! So, let us talk Pirate for a bit.

The Pirates of Rockaway are a different breed altogether, harkening back to the swashbuckling days of Errol Flynn. Good looking, dashing, noble, the Rockaway Pirates are masters of melodious mischief! They can typically be

An unexpected house project prompted my wife and I to reevaluate everything in our home as to whether we wanted to keep it or not. We also realized that our kids have been living on their own for quite some time, and maybe we could reclaim some space for ourselves! A novel idea. One thing led to another and before you know it, there were twin beds, desks, file cabinets, chairs, cabinets and mattresses all curbside! God bless the Sanitation Department, six years after Sandy and they are still

I read a Wall Street Journal article recently by Purdue University President Mitch Daniels recapping his commencement speech to the recent graduating class that I thought was excellent.  In the speech, he pointed out that the graduates were part of a privileged elite, a nouveau aristocracy. He went on to say that it was not based upon wealth or class (witness the last royal wedding – my invitation got lost, how about you?); but, instead it was based upon joining a cluster group he spotlighted

Thirty years ago this week, our first flippered mermaid was born. After a carefree engagement and first four years of marriage, suddenly everything changed with the arrival of this little bundle of joy. Being new parents, we immediately began to baby-proof our first home and realized we really needed to work at this parenting thing. Thirty years later, the first born was strutting down Surf Avenue in Coney Island with the rest of her fishy school of friends for the Mermaid Parade. Who knew!

Recently I spent some time at the very top of New York City’s west side. My goal was to go see the remains of a saint, right here in NYC! I didn’t have to go to Rome to do it. Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, founder of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, is in a glass case north of the George Washington Bridge in Hudson Heights at the St. Cabrini Shrine. It’s quite amazing really, she lies in a glass case, but her remains have been covered in wax to help preserve her. Not easy to get to, the best

The strangest thing about time is that it seems like it is measurable; we have clocks and systems for measuring days, hours, minutes, seconds and even finer points. But have you ever noticed that at certain times that time itself seems like it expands and contracts? Think about it, there are always those situations when you feel like it is taking forever to get to what you want, or forever for something to end. Then there are those situations when you are truly enjoying yourself, but the time

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