Ok, so you have taken the ferry in, done Stone Street, done Fraunces Tavern, hit Federal Hall and the New York Stock Exchange, and the Smithsonian at Bowling Green, now what? I’m glad you asked that question because when you get off the ferry you have access to two things that can make a Wednesday afternoon quite nice in the city. The first is the subway at Wall and William Streets, right up the block from the ferry. The number 2 or 3 trains will take you directly to Times Square.

The second is the TKTS office in Times Square at 47th street. This site opens at 10 a.m. for same day matinee shows. And if you are going to see a play (a non-musical), you can go to the west side of the site and avoid potentially longer lines. How discounted

The mermaid and her flippered college buddies from the old days decided to head south for their yearly “retreat,” which as you might have guessed left King Triton to roam the local waters doing what he likes best — wandering aimlessly! But my wandering actually had purpose this time as the temperatures started to head upwards. So when you live at the beach and the sun finally appears, what do you do? If you are me, you head into Brooklyn to visit a cemetery where you know absolutely no one

As you know, I like to wander around Manhattan, checking out those things in plain view but so often overlooked. One of those places is Roosevelt Island. Its history is rich, starting with the Canarsie Indians, moving from the Dutch to the English. Back in those days, it was known as Blackwell Island named by the owner Robert Blackwell. It is officially part of Manhattan, but is actually leased to New York State. In 1828, the City purchased the Island from the Blackwell family for $32,000

 Typically, I don’t like to leave the peninsula on a holiday weekend, even though that was not always the case. Back in the day I would think nothing of piling the kids in the minivan and driving to a far-off location for some family fun and adventure. But with the kids out of the house, I really enjoy being home and soaking up the beauty of our small slice of paradise here in Rockaway.

This year however brought us invitations to two destination weddings, a sure sign that we have arrived at an

This summer is going to be special for Rockaway and those who love live music! And not only because of those Beatles-loving guys from Blac Rabbit who it made to the Ellen show. Have you seen those guys at a Connolly’s Open Mic? They are unbelievably talented. How do I know it’s going to be a great summer? It's because the last couple of weekends I have been out and about checking out the music scene, and even in this frigid spring season there is music everywhere, and it is really top

The mermaid has been telling me for years that she may have lived past lives…after all, you never know; perhaps a slave in Egypt, a cotton picker down south, who knows? So, one day I see an ad for Ancestry.com and it’s only $69.95, and so I get it under the guise of a gift for the mermaid, and we scrape a few scales off her and send it in to the DNA processors. Now, there are people who say this is a big scam, and others who say that it is the way that the bad guys are collecting the world’s

How are you feeling today? Have you been working out; eating right; getting enough sleep? These are the questions we either ask ourselves or are asked of us every week. And so, we try, sometimes, despite the occasional Oreo, to eat better, work out, even if it is just walking more and sleeping better.But no matter how hard we try sometimes we just don’t feel right. So, we look for other answers, because the last thing in the world you want to hear is that maybe it’s just all in your head!


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