This year was supposed to be a big year for cicadas. That seventeen-year batch was supposed to fill the skies with that never ending chirping that typically descends in mid-August, signifying that summer is getting tired and limping toward the end. But those cicadas came late this year, arriving in early September to serenade us with their songs before their short lives above ground came to an end after seventeen years of pushing upwards from the underground. But they did arrive, even though they were late. And they joined the monarch butterflies who arrived on time in September, floating on cool pre-fall breezes, signaling the change in season to come. And not to be outdone, dragonflies joined their winged friends to scatter across the

I recently tried describing the crypto world to a friend. I outlined how the currency is similar to regular fiat money, but how it utilizes newer technology to keep track of who owns what, something called “blockchain.” My friend asked some interesting questions, and I am not sure he liked the answers. He asked what backs the currency, gold, a country’s full faith and credit? I replied, no to both, that the currency was not issued by any country and not backed by gold. He thought about that for

Do you know folks who seem to not want to grow up? You know the people I’m talking about; they try to stay young by doing things that young people do. I am all for staying as young as I can for as long as I can. Soon I will be applying for Medicare, and I wonder how that can even be possible? I’m not old!

But then again, the numbers don’t lie. I don’t run anymore, but I still bike. I still play music and want to for as long as I can, but there will come a time when my gnarly fingers won’t grip

 In 1988, my parents’ first grandchild was born. She weighed more than my wife, and because space was limited, her foot was jammed and needed to be in a cast for several weeks to straighten it out. None of that mattered. My mother was overjoyed that I married a red-headed Irish girl from Rockaway, and now was over the moon with her first grandchild, a girl, named Katie.

In 1989, Disney launched their first animated feature in a long time, one that would set it on a course back to the top

Growing up in Greenpoint, we didn’t have many gardeners. In fact, I don’t think there were any, as most of Greenpoint had been cemented for decades. There are trees in Greenpoint, thus the name, but not many front lawns. Moving to Rockaway opened a whole new world to me, grass was in the front and back of our home. We did have the other type of grass in Greenpoint, but that’s a different story.

 With lawns, one needed to cut the grass and plant flowers and make sure trees and bushes stayed

 How refreshing it is to get around Rockaway and see friends, family and neighbors again, and not just half their face but the whole enchilada! I feel terrible for parts of the country still under strict protocols, and I hope we all get to the point where this is a distant memory. But in Rockaway, at least for now, it’s great to go to a restaurant or to see live music again, and to go to parties again too.

I had two opportunities to get off the peninsula recently and see what life is like

For those of a certain age, the saying ‘kiss my grits” brings back memories of the TV show Alice, starring Linda Lavin as the tough as nails waitress with the heart of gold. Based upon the movie “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” the star, Alice, works at Mel’s Diner, and the interaction of the patrons, the cook and waitress made this comedy special.

Recently, I sat back at a couple of Rockaway’s more popular restaurants and observed how hard some of the waiters and waitresses and cooks work

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